Friday, September 28, 2012

Rue Cler

Yesterday we walked.
I was tired of taking the stroller
on the metro.
So we walked all around the 7th.
It's only about a 15 minute walk
from our flat to the "Eiffey Towey"
as Griffin calls it and 
I have been wanting to visit the 
market on Rue Cler.
We walked under the Tower,
up the Champs du Mars
toward Ecole Militaire.
We stopped for lunch 
at a cafe
and then found Rue Cler.
Once there, I was wishing
that we had waited to eat 
at one of the  cafe's on 
the sweet cobble stoned street.

On the walk home
we stopped at a playground.

I don't think we'll ever tire of 
walking around the Eiffey Towey.
Bon Weekend!


  1. I'm totally living vicariously through your Paris pictures right now. :-) Is there anything about Paris that isn't completely lovely?!? Throw us people back in the states a bone Pam! LOL. ;-) What a fantastic experience. I admire at how effortlessly you seem to navigate around Paris without speaking too much French- this makes me wish I would have finished out French 4 back in the high school days. Have a great day!

    Hugs from Kansas,

  2. Pam, I agree with Amber!
    I always go to Rue Cler when I am there. I am a Rick Steves fan and he highly recommends it. I like the friendly waiters and salads at Cafe Du Marche. I also like the daily market...Sooo many flowers...and the fact that it is a walking cars.
    Love your blog and how you seem to be very optimistic. Would love the recipe for the tomato/leek tart...Janey

  3. ahh Paris...even grey skies are chic in paris...are you wearing your wellies?? so the chic parisans wear them?? I must know!! Hi cute Griffy!!!

  4. The Eiffey Towey cheers up even the dampest day! Has he seen it sparkling yet? That might just be the best thing about living in Paris. It never gets old.

  5. I think i would never get tired of rain in Paris :)

  6. You are creating wonderful memories and the term Eiffey Towey will mostly likely be said for years in your family. Too cute!!!

  7. ...and I will never tire of these wonderful posts! :D

  8. OMG!!!!! Heaven on earth. Thanks for sharing Pam!!!
    xo Dianne

  9. Rue Cler is one of my favorite streets in Paris. Have you taken the kids to sail boats at the Luxembourg Gardens yet?