Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I Wear in Paris and my Flat

so we finished 7 days of the cleanse...and
i will say honestly, i've never felt better.
i have more energy, no sugar/carb cravings,
we've cut out coffee and wine during the week.
in one week, i feel like a different person.
so glad i did it!

we've had the most beautiful weather here lately.
it's getting cool at night, which i love.
but, warm and sunny during the day.

i bought this little dress years ago at T.J.Max for about 10 bucks.
sometimes i'll wear it with tights and high boots..
but i'm loving the low boots i'm seeing every where now.
these boots are Frye knockoffs from Target last year.

the j.crew black minnie pant.
i bought these last fall and wear them often.
they are comfy and slimming.
here i paired them with a black turtleneck from gap
and a grey blazer from j.crew (about 7 years ago),
and isaac mizrahi tweed kitten heels from target.

same black minnie pants...
again with black turtleneck 
and red blazer from gap
and red flats from j.crew.

and if steve and i are going out on the town...
black heels...kate spade (from marshalls)

love my black minnie's!

so, our flat is awesome.
we love living here.
there is just one thing...
i miss my stuff.
we were allowed to air ship 6 crates of our 
household goods.
man, did those crates fill up quickly.
so we chose this flat because it's pretty well furnished.
but, i still miss my things.
(i was up half the night thinking about
how great my leopard chair would have looked here :)

months ago..when steve took the 4 kids by himself 
to disney..i spent hours in the attic
sorting christmas decorations into one bin to bring with us here.
i go a little crazy decorating at christmas so it was hard 
to just pick a few things...
well, that bin didn't make it. 
during the craziness of the move,
we must have put the bin in the storage pile.
i'm sick over it.

anyway, i'm so anxious to make this 
house our home.
i feel like i'm starting from scratch.
which can be fun too!
i'm betting the famous french flea markets
will be a great place to start!


  1. Did I comment in the last post that your blog is so fun to read? We're all living these fun years in Paris along with you through your blog... thanks for taking us along!

    Love the clothes. You have such style! and those black minis... are they demin? Stretchable like workout pants? Can't figure them out but they seem so versitle I've have to get them! My favorite is with the red blazer!

    Love your new home. It sure must be fun to start over; enjoy it! When you wrote about your Christmas crate not making it to Paris it reminded me of when I was little and my family moved for one year to Hawaii. (dad was a teacher and switched with a teacher in Hawaii for a year) Anyway, we all still remember THAT Christmas as the most magical of all our childhood. We didn't have our specail decorations or stockings that our grandmother made. (I remember making 'stockings' out of paper and fabric rolled into a cone shape and decorated) We handmade ornaments and got a few new things. It will always be the most fond Christmas memories ever! I'm sure you'll find a way to make your new home look amazing at Christmas with all of your style.

    Enjoy your week! ~tara

  2. So glad you are loving it so much. I love your outfits & the flat looks divine. Please, please, please post details of the cleanse, its exactly want I need right now too, even though I am doing a 12 week challenge, I would love to hit my carb cravings on the head. Oh and do you miss your old street at all, I know you said it was a lot like my street & I wonder if I would miss it terribly if we make the move to the country.

  3. You are looking so chic Pam!
    Glad you finished the cleanse! YAY!! I'm doing Dr. Junger's in Feb. if you want to join along. I think his is the healthiest, smartest cleanse out there. And, you are not starving yourself. I like to do the 21 day, but you can choose 7 or 14 too.
    I'm so sorry about your Christmas box. Maybe it will give you a chance to decorate French style and then it will be something you can bring back and home and have for future holidays.
    And, get to Les Puces and take some pics for us!
    I think you should start a cafe au lait bowl collection!!!!!!!!

  4. I just found your blog this morning and read back to November 15, 2011. I, too, once lived for three years in France with my family. So great to read about your life and moving to Paris. Thank you!!

  5. Pam, I've tried several times to leave comments on my ipad while feeding a baby but things just froze up. First of all ... Repetto's! LOVE! Oh my goodness, that store front speaks to my ballerina heart and makes me long to be right there :)

    Pencil skirts ... SO easy to sew with an easy pattern. I'm dying to know if there are fabric markets there in Paris. Anytime my husband travel's internationally, he always brings me fabric from that country. It's a beautiful collection that I'm afraid to cut and sew but ... I bet Paris has textiles to die for! And I wish I was there to teach you how easy a pencil skirt is :)

    Love the market days ... and I'm headed to Germany over fall break. Just Newel, baby and me and can't wait ... maybe I WILL convince him to move us all there. I'm glad you are loving Paris!

  6. You look like an authentic perisienne and your flat looks spacios and beautiful! :)

  7. Love your cute!
    I am enjoying reading about your new home and all of the fun you are having~

  8. You look like you belong in Paris for sure. Cute and stylish and sophisticated. And your home is lovely,
    Have a great day!

  9. I like the way you think! Great style too!

  10. You look like you fit right in! Adorable! I want to hear more about the cleanse. I'm impressed! Your flat is beautiful. I know you'll have fun at the French flea markets. Wish I could shop with you!