Thursday, September 13, 2012

Repetto's and Dinner

Hannah has an audition
for a dance class.
It is an exceptional school
and it's close to our flat.
I pray it works out in her favor.

This is a very last minute audition
so yesterday after school
we made our way to 
Retpetto has also been on
both mine and Hannah's 
"must get to" list.
Oh the ballet flats!
I want them in every color.

this trip was for pointe shoes for
The salesgirl was so sweet and helpful
and her English was very good.
She told us the story behind Repetto.
Back in 1947 Rose Repetto
created the shoes for her son,
and then his friends..
all dancers.
And now,
you can't walk down a 
street in Paris
without seeing a woman 
wearing repetto's.

A few nights a week
I pick up dinner here.
You can smell those rotisserie chickens
far before you see them.
And then you see the line of people
waiting for their dinner.
He cuts up the chicken for you in 
quarters, and asks if you'd like
potatoes and pan gravy.
He pours it all into paper 
bags and I'm off.
I pick up a baguette on my way
home, throw together a salad
and voila!

Bon Appetit!


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  2. Ooops.
    Wow. Paris not only looks beautiful. It smells beautiful too. Lovely shoes, market and dinner!

  3. It looks divine and I love that green scale in the background too! :-) And good luck to your ballerina!!

  4. Praying for Abby!

    AND...that chicken looks sooo much better than the one I picked up at Walmart last night for our supper!

  5. dang. i just look at your new life in paris and say to myself, "dang."

    and i am hoping when monsieur poulet asks if you want potatoes and pan gravy, you say, "oui!" and "oui!"

    best of luck to hannah! ♥

  6. Just catching up! Your new life looks fantastique!!! Your flat is absolutely gorgeous! The architectural details and the all white are a photographer's dream!!

    and...ooohh, la, la...about Repetto's! I didn't realize they made pointe shoes also. How amazing would it be to take dance classe en Paris! Merde, Hannah! Merde!

  7. I hope Hannah's audition went well!!
    Your dinners (and all the food you make) always looks amazing !You motivate me to cook.

  8. Life in Paris looks absolutely lovely! Thank you for taking us all along for the journey; so fun to see what living there is like.

    (And I am so envious of the amazing food and markets!)

  9. pinch me...pinch yourself!
    I know it's not all potatoes and gravy
    but this is so wonderful
    thanks for sharing everyday...i especially love the day to day little things!!