Monday, September 10, 2012

Real Life in Paris...and more flat pics

A few weeks back
we went to a fair near the Louvre.
The views from the enclosed
ferris wheel were amazing.

Will in his bubble.

Another weekend
(again, while we were living in the hotel)
we drove through the Loire valley.
We visited the Chateau de Chambord.
It was beautiful
and nice to get out of the city for the day.

Now, our days and weekends
are spent getting settled
going to work/school
putting Ikea stuff together.
Those days of living out of suitcases
and eating every meal out
are still very fresh in my memory.
They were not easy days
but we felt like tourists.
We were on vacation.
Now, real life is settling in.
we live in Paris.
And it's beautiful
and different
and a fabulous experience for all of us.
we still have to live our lives.
I'm still dealing with curfews
and homework
and a traveling husband
and what to make for dinner.
I'm just dealing with them
in an amazing place!

Here is a peek into Hannah's room.
Our flat is partially furnished.
We did not ship our furniture here
as we were allowed only a certain amount of crates.
So, I carefully decided what was to be shipped and what 
I wanted to put in storage for the next 3 years.
I left one and a half crates empty
because I knew I would want to shop here and 
bring some things home with us.
The flat came with beds
but we decided to buy new ones for the kids.
I bought all new sheets/comforters/pillows
back in the states and shipped them here.
Steve spent most of this past weekend
putting together Hannah's bed, desk, chair
lamps, clothes rack.

We love how it came out!
Next weekend...
Stephen's room.
A bientot!


  1. what a great adventure for you all. I love your flat , it looks amazing , oh those floors!!!

  2. The ceilings....amazing! This is so fun to follow.

  3. I love seeing all the highlights. Hannah's room is beautiful; it's so grown up looking with the high ceilings and the fireplace. I'm sure it's a bit strange settling into a routine when you’re in Paris. How is it cooking there, are you finding it to be any different? I think all of us moms are getting use to the back to school routine. I almost had a meltdown yesterday, as I sometimes feel like there’s not enough hours in a day to get everything done, and when the kid's activities overlap, ugh! It usually takes me about a month or so to gel back into the school routine. I sometimes miss the carefree days of summer. Keep the pictures and updates coming!
    Jackie ☺

  4. my, my goodness.
    hannah has a room she'll remember forever.
    one that she will take with her everywhere she goes in life.
    paris bedrooms must be considered part of your moveable feast ♥

  5. really?? this is your life?? do you pinch yourself on a good day :)
    amazing pam...i love hannah's room, those ceilings..but my fave is the rolling rack for her clothes, very chic
    can't wait to see the next one!!

  6. I am just loving all your posts on your new adventures in Paris. Love the new home, Amazing! Growing up with a Dad in the military we spent three years in Germany and two years in Belgium. I so wish these experiences for my children but it is not really in the plan. It is so fun seeing what life is like for you there... Keep up the posts!

  7. Hannah's room is gorgeous!

    I love all of your pictures, and the fresh veggies are so pretty.

    I know you are loving it there!

  8. What a beautiful room!!! Can you even believe that you're living in Paris?!?! What a dream come true. I love living vicariously through you. :-)