Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Must Confess...

About the dog.
He's gone.
He's been gone for a few months.
Not gone as in like
doggy heaven gone.
Gone as in living 
the good life in the 
beautiful hills of Vermont.
My sister in law and brother in law
wanted him.

This past winter was a stressful one.
With Hannah's sickness
and Steve's travel..
I couldn't deal.
Yes..this is the SECOND dog 
I've given away.
I'm sure my children will be in therapy.
But, you know what?
I'm stress free!
And that makes me a better person to be around.
I will tell you that I wish I was a better dog person.
I'm just not and Ziggy needed to be in a home
where he was really loved.
And..we had a feeling that we were moving
to Paris and thought it would be best
to say goodbye to Ziggy
sooner than later.

Griffin had a real hair cut yesterday.
He hated every minute of it.
It was much needed
but he does look like a big boy now. :(

And to answer some Paris questions!!
Yes..we are selling the house and the cars!
Come and buy them!
This is a 3 year job for Steve.
Our plan is to come back and live here..
we love it here and never thought we'd move again.
But c'mon..Paris!
We have talked to the older kids a lot about this.
Stephen will be a senior in high school next year.
He wants to go!
I think he knows that this will be an incredible experience
for all of us.
I'm so proud of him!
Hannah can't wait to dance in Paris!
And shop!
Will is having fun telling his friends we're moving to Paris.

The children will attend either the American School in Paris 
or the International School of Paris.
We will live right in the city!
Steve starts his job May 1st.
I will stay back until the kids finish school
and move sometime this summer.

I can't wait to see what the 
view from my kitchen sink 
will look like!!

Thank you for joining in our excitement!
I must go learn some French

Saturday, March 24, 2012

We've Been...

....saying welcome home and goodbye to Steve.
This month..so far..he's been to London, Amsterdam, India, Dubai
Dallas and Egypt.
He brings us all gifts.
Will got this traditional Indian hat.
He wears it to bed

Hannah got her doll.
She's a bobble head from India.
(Hannah also got glasses)

The kids can't wait to see what he's brought them.
It's like Christmas for them.
We all sit around the coffee table
and he presents each of us with trinkets
from all around the world.
He brought me tea and saffron
and pearls.
We love when he comes home!

Hannah's welcome home sign
In many different languages.

...we've also been sick.
Like really sick.
I'm sure it's not over yet either.
I had to go to Target today
and buy all new pillows
towels, sheets....
love the stomach bug.

....celebrating birthdays. (mine....44...uugh)
We saw Les Miserables in Boston.
What a treat.
And Hannah made these.
While we were out at Les Mis
she made these adorable hair pins.
Thank you Hannah!
I love them!!
And  You!

My appetite for books about Paris is insatiable.
I just finished Hemingway's 
A Moveable Feast.
Loved it.
I'm now reading 
Julia Child's 
My Life in France.
Steve bought me
Paris Was Ours
for my birthday.

Guess what?
We're moving to Paris!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Leopard Love

My love of leopard 
started years ago.
And it has not waned.

When Hannah was about 4
I bought her these leopard mary jane's.
I'm pretty sure I bought them in every size
so when she outgrew them
she'd have a brand new pair.
Luckily, she liked them too.

My trusty OLD leopard tote.
Bought at least ten years ago
at the same boutique on 
Martha's Vineyard
that Hannah's shoes came from.
The straps are starting to fray
and I've been looking for a replacement.
(maybe I should make a pillow
out of the rest of the fabric)

This bag from J Crew would work.
And it's only $700.

This is the one.
Originally $198
on sale for $89
minus 30%
Total score.
Go get one!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Steve has been gone for almost two weeks.
I'm used to his travel schedule..but
I sometimes wish for a husband to be home by 6 for dinner.
And then I receive this email from him..
It's titled.. Blessed.

I am in downtown Hyderabad - a bustling colorful Indian city- driving in a chauffeured car back to the hotel where I have an executive suite with a spectacular view of a lake and the city beyond. All this following a day that included a morning reception with senior Indian government officials and attendance at the "CEO" lunch- a venue set aside for senior business executives doing business in India...A very cool day and great cultural experience.

All of this is due to you and what you do for me. Your hard work at home raising our children and keeping our home allows me to grow my executive business experience....Thank you for all that you do, I am truly blessed to have a wife like you!

Hope you have a great day-Kiss the kids for me!
Love you,

And then I feel like I'm the blessed one to have him for a husband.
I blog to remember
And don't want to forget his words.

Thank you Steve for all you do for our family!
We're happy you're coming home!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

KONY 2012....

Please watch this..it'll take 30 minutes of your time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I became a mother 17 years ago...

My memory is terrible.
But, I remember giving birth to each of 
my children like it was yesterday.
Here is Stephen's birth story.
The story, like his birth, is quick.

Steve called in from Amsterdam
to help us sing Happy Birthday.
He was certainly missed.

Stephen kept saying,
"my last year as a child"
And I kept thinking,
please let this year go by slow.

 Steve was going to be traveling
on his birthday,
so we took him to Del Frisco's in Boston
last Saturday night.
Just the 3 of us.
He went last year in New York
when we went to the Phantom.
This month he is seeing Les Miserables
with his French class.
I'm seeing a trend here..
Del Frisco's
the theatre
coconut cake...

Happy Birthday buddy.
You are much loved.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

iphone photos

uploaded some photos from my phone, finally.
damn that crewcuts.
i could get into some serious trouble in that store.
picked up a few things for our trip in april.
love a guy in pink.

took hannah shopping recently for a semi-formal/graduation dress
which is in june.
apparently, "all the girls" are wearing lilly pulitzer
and she just "had to get it now" before someone else got the same one.
there is an entire facebook page just for who got what dress.
none of my kids are on facebook
(thank you God)
so we don't need to be a part of all that nonsense.

ballet lessons with hannah...

we love colorforms..

fashion show..
again with the crewcuts..

hannah's brain.
she participated in a research study at children's hospital recently.

swimming at the pool on the vineyard with cousins

will's theme night

so i'm just about 2 weeks into my clean eating/no processed food diet.
i feel so good!!
i eat eggs or oatmeal for breakfast
a ton of fruits/raw veggies
homemade soups
salad with fish or chicken.
and air popped popcorn for a snack at night.
if i'm craving bread or pasta
i make it myself.

i'm on an antibiotic right now..
for the ear thing.
the doc had to slice my ear open to get the backing out.
i told her i would have rather given birth.
i hope i can wear earrings again..
anyway, i'm looking into probiotics for when i'm finished.
wonder if anyone has taken them? 


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nothing Better To Do

I made crackers today.
Ok..who makes crackers?
Well, someone that gave up all 
processed foods and is craving them.
That's who.

Plus, my little helper 
loves to bake
and make big messes.

I just love that I have nothing 
better to do than to make crackers
with my little boy.

(and finish Rules of Civility while he sleeps)
I miss Katey and Tinker already.