Thursday, November 27, 2014

Homesick Today

(view from the top
of the ferris wheel..
the best view of Paris,
in my opinion!)

Paris is home.
It's been home for 3 
Thanksgivings now.
always on this day..
I want my American home.

I am homesick.
For family and friends.
For traditions
old and new.
For familiarity.

And for an oven
big enough to cook
my French turkey in.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hannah's Soccer ISST's and Other Stuff

A few weeks ago
I went to Munich to 
help cheer on Hannah's soccer
team at ISST's.
...Hannah has never played soccer
before. The team needed bodies
this season and she joined!
It was so fun for her..
and for me..
to watch her out there with her friends.
Paris came in 4th out of 8 teams
from all over Europe.

The first two days were 
freezing and we actually had

The International school of Munich
hosted this years girls soccer tournament..
and the girls were housed by some
very generous parents of those students.

So..some of the traveling
moms got to stay in a hotel
in Starnberg and make a weekend 
out of it!

It was cold but the foliage
along the lake was beautiful.

This reminded me of
Stephen's rowing days
in New England.

Taken at the ceremony at the end
of the tournament before 
our flight home.
A great weekend!

I never have my good camera
with me anymore!
I was picking up our daily
baguette at my local boulangerie
recently and this sweet lady was 
in front of me picking up hers.
I love that she let me take her picture.

Wednesdays are half days for 
Griff and his little friend Oona
at their school.
Oona and her mom Anna invited us
to go have Korean food with them
Griff and I had such fun with them
and loved Korean food!
Can't wait to go again!

More random iphone pics..
sporting my new gorgeous gray
wrap/scarf from  Cat at Sunday Brocante.

Had to stop to take a picture
of the foliage along the Champs du mars
during my run..

Visited the flea market this 
past Sunday with a few friends...
even second hand, that
Birkin bag is too pricey.
But man I didn't want to
take it off my wrist!

My goal this trip to the market was 
to find a coffee table.
I really loved this one..
with a fitted piece of glass over the top..
But I ended up with this one..'s just what I had in mind.
And, I got a great price!
Nothing better than a day
at the flea market.

Griff's been home sick for a few
Sore throats and bad coughs going 
The weather has been dreary
and gray and cool.
Perfect Paris weather in my opinion.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Beautiful Day in Paris

I can't believe we've only
been in this apartment two 
weeks tomorrow.
It feels as if we've 
always lived here.

Griffin and I walked
to the WHSmith bookstore
(yes, we can walk there now!)
It's situated right across the 
street from one of my
favorite places to walk...
Jardin de Tuileries.
I was kicking myself for
not bringing my good camera.
The fall foliage and 
warm lighting were 

iphone photos it is.
Better than nothing 
I guess.

We sat outside with our
new books for 
some tea and a snack.

(Loving Mimi's new

Steve flies home from 
Boston tomorrow..
Looking forward to 
a fun weekend!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

We're In!

My new view!
I LOOOOVE our new 
I can't believe how
quickly our family has
begun to feel at home here.

The apartment is furnished..
It's comfortable and livable 
and if I were to ever own an 
apartment here in Paris...
well, I think I'd want this one!

The location!
We knew we wanted to stay
in the 7th.
But..I also knew I wanted to
get a little further deeper into it.

And as far as missing the tower...
we still get to see her watching over us.
And I admit..
it's a nice change to see her from
this perspective.

This past week has been busy.
Moving in..
(we had much more stuff 
than I thought)...
and making this place a home.

The kitchen is always the 
first to set up when we move.
I have mouths to feed!
And this kitchen..
not only so very well equipped..
but sleek and functional
and now that I've added my own
it feels like home.
I'm excited to get cooking again!
My new outdoor market on 
Raspail certainly did not disappoint
on Sunday either!
I'm hoping to someday catch a glimpse
of Ina.

the infamous farmers table.
By the way..
Catie, I think yes,
I do need to name her.
She has such a story!
I bought her a year ago..
sight unseen from a dealer in 
Two friends had seen it
(Frenchlarkspur and Cat from Sunday Brocantes)
and sent pictures.
I bought it immediately after hearing 
the details.
Cat graciously stored the table for a month
in her farmhouse in Normandy.
Her husband later delivered it to a 
colleague of Steve's that 
graciously offered to house it 
at their house in the suburbs until 
we moved.
Well, when we moved 
last year...we moved into a 
small furnished apartment and could not
use it.
Long story longer...
it was delivered yesterday.
After a year of owning it..
we finally meet and I love her!

(the delivery :)

Griffy the ghost.
He had a Halloween party
at his school last Friday.
(the kids are all on
holiday this week.)
He's with his little buddy and 
two of his teachers.
He is loving  his school!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Griffin and School

Life is busy.
Apartment hunting
and just the thought of
moving again is taking up
most of my days.
We don't have to be out
until November 28th..
and I think they'll be pushing us
out the door on that day.
I don't want to leave here!

Griffin is slowly adjusting 
to his new life at school.
He has days when he jumps out
of bed and can't wait to go.
And then he has days that are the
complete opposite of that.

On those days
we do things like the above.
Trying out new cafe's and  
visiting the park.
I am not pushing him.
We are taking this school
thing slow.
Not the French way..
that's for sure.

As expats, 
we encourage the kids
to try new things.
Experience the food..
learn the language and 
the history..
understand the people and 
be respectful of their culture and country.

when it came to schooling Griffin,
I decided not to send him at 
3 or 4 when most 
French kids are heading off to

And I have no regrets.
I am also so grateful
for his patient teachers 
at his little school here!
We are proud of you Griff! 

The leaves are falling in Paris..
but the temperatures however
seem to be rising!
Bon weekend!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

La Parisienne

I ran a road race for the first
time Sunday! 
The La Parisienne 6.7 km!!
I started running at the 
beginning of the summer.
The furthest I've run is about
4 km.
 I had every intention of stopping
at 4 and walking the rest..
but I just kept going!

It was so exciting picking
up my number!
And the day of the race there
are over 25,000 women running!

It was such an amazing day.
Never in a million years
did I ever think of running
a road race.
And now..
I want to do another!
It's addicting!

There was a group of us
that ran.
So fun!

Griffy didn't go to school.
He woke up crying and 
said he didn't want to go.
I didn't push him.
So we went to a cafe together.
(I had a delicious fig and mascarpone tarte!)

We've been having warm sunny
days with gorgeous skies over the city.
(sunrise this morning over Les Invalides)

And this morning he's off!
We kiss each others' hands 
and put them on our cheeks 
when we miss each other 
during the day.

My hand is always 
on my cheek.
So proud of you buddy!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Rome and The Amalfi Coast

Before I go any further..
I need to explain the 
Eviction is a strong word.
I was being a bit dramatic.
(my middle name)
We have been told to leave though.
We haven't done anything wrong.
Didn't throw a big loud party
or have been disruptive in any way.
The building will be under new 
management and they are doing
major renovations.
So..we need to move.

We flew into Paris the morning
of August 5th.
The next day we were flying 
to Rome!
This was our 3rd trip to 
Italy but first to Rome.

I don't think I'd do that again..
we were SO jet lagged.
We were walking around the Colosseum
at midnight!
The good thing was that it 
was cool at night..
and so pretty!

We stayed in the Trastevere section
of Rome.
We rented an apartment for 4 days and it
was the perfect location.

We took a lot of pictures
with iphones.

Returning to Rome
is a must.
We didn't do half of what
I had planned.
Rome in 4 days 
with 4 kids
not a great idea.
Believe me..
I'm not complaining.
We did fit in a lot and 
ate amazing food...
but I'd love to go back.
Maybe just with Steve. 

On Saturday we rented a car
and drove to Positano.
A gorgeous and nail biting 
drive along the Amalfi coast!

We stayed in a hotel in
Positano for a week..
this was our view from our

We drove to Ravello
one of the days.
We walked around this
beautiful town and 
had a fantastic lunch with 
this view!

Our days in Positano were spent on 
the beach
and eating big lunches!
In the evening we'd order pizza
and hang out by the pool.


Another day we rented a boat!
This was probably one of our favorite
I don't think I've ever seen water this color..
a beautiful deep navy blue.

another selfie from the boat!

On Saturday we drove to Naples..
returned the rental car
(which we did not need the entire week
except to drive to Ravello)..
and hopped the ferry to 

This was taken from our
balcony looking down at 
the kids in the pool!

Capri was so beautiful!
The beaches..the people watching..
the food..the fashion.
Loved Capri!

Hannah and Will
rock jumping

I feel terrible about
not taking more pictures!
Too busy enjoying ourselves.
An amazing end to an 
amazing summer.

I asked Steve recently..
"where to next?"
Although, with moving to 
a new apartment soon
and getting kids
settled into school
and me adjusting to all
of this alone time..
I think we'll stay put for a bit.