Thursday, November 27, 2014

Homesick Today

(view from the top
of the ferris wheel..
the best view of Paris,
in my opinion!)

Paris is home.
It's been home for 3 
Thanksgivings now.
always on this day..
I want my American home.

I am homesick.
For family and friends.
For traditions
old and new.
For familiarity.

And for an oven
big enough to cook
my French turkey in.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I'm sure the holidays are hard, being away from family. I know you continue to make new traditions and memories for your family. I do hope you had a nice day! xoxo

  2. Pam, I bet you are homesick at times. I am sure it is hard to be away from American life and traditions, but you always seem to make the most of it. Sending you hugs from Ohio! Cathy

  3. Why do you go so long between posts?

  4. Praying everything is okay with you and your family. You've been missing for quite a while.

  5. Have missed your posts. Praying all is well with you and your family. Happy New Year.

  6. With the current situation going on in Paris, it would be so nice if you would let us know you and your family are okay. Prayers for all involved.

  7. thinking of you.
    wondering if your homesickness turned into something worse . . . illness perhaps.
    hoping you are well. all of you.
    and thinking of you during this scary horrible time for paris. we miss you!

  8. Same here. Praying all is well. AK from WI

  9. for those of us loyal followers who keep coming back here . . . with no news . . .
    hoping that she is well and her family are all okay . . .
    she is. and they are. I finally clicked on the instagram icon over on the sidebar here.
    she simply chose to move to instagram. I guess the blog now is old news.
    they're all happy and healthy and have been back to new york and other places. enjoying life.
    apparently she hasn't been by here to see her comments.

  10. It would have been very thoughtful on her side to have told us this instead of letting us wonder what was wrong. Sorry, but I won't be back.

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