Friday, September 30, 2011

My Week in Photos

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Monday 1:00

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Wednesday all day

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Friday 5:30 a.m

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Being Content

After the last kid left for school this morning
Griffy, Ziggy and I went to the beach
and had it all to ourselves.
I'm kicking myself for not packing a lunch 
and camping out there for the day.
These days are numbered for sure
but I'm glad we were able to take advantage 
of the warm sun for a couple of hours at least.

I've found that 
the older I get
or maybe it's the growing 
with each child I've had..
I've become content.
I wasn't so much in the early years
of my mothering.
I seemed to be always wishing
away my days.
For a husband who was home more 
during our military days.
For a bigger house.
To live somewhere else.
And in those early years 
of mothering 
I was alone.
A lot.
We were always living somewhere
far away from home and relatives.
Steve was always in training
or in the field
or at war.
I wished so much for a friend.
Someone I could relate to and chat with
over tea or a glass of wine
about mothering.
Many moves
and children later
I had that.
Lots of friends and playgroups 
to fill my days.

Oh I wish (there's that wishing again)
that I could go back to my
young mothering days
and say to myself...
these days are numbered.
Stop wishing the day away.
And be content.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekending on the Vineyard

My mom hosted Thanksgiving yesterday at her house on the Vineyard.
When the holidays are here it's hard for us all to get together.
We had a blast!
My sister Jen got a puppy too.
A week after we got Ziggy.
That's Hannah holding Tobi..their new yellow lab.
And my niece Sophie holding Ziggy.
The puppies had so much fun together!

Ziggy loved the ferry!

Turkey carve off between my brother and brother in law.
Steve was flying home from China
and couldn't be with us :(

It was so hot!
We couldn't all fit inside my mom's cozy house

We sat outside under a tent 
and it really felt like Thanksgiving.

Hannah and Sophie
toasting their Nana.

Nana's famous chocolate chip cookies

Nana's chocolate cake

Lots of laughs
as always

Cousins and new puppies

Ferry home
Such a beautiful night.
The sky was the same color as the ocean

my handsome boy

Another great day with family on the Vineyard..

My mom can put on quite the spread.
Not only did we eat incredibly well
but we were all sent home 
with turkey sandwiches.
Steve loved his mom!

Thanks mom.
For all that you do..

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Week in Photos

Friday 6:20 a.m

Monday 6:00 am

Tuesday 8:30 am

Wednesday 4:30

Tuesday 10:00 am

Wednesday afternoon

Thursday 3:00

Friday 6:30 am

Tuesday morning

Friday 8:15 am

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ziggy's Roses

My days and nights have changed drastically.
My days are spent staring at the puppy
waiting for him to pee/poop on the floor.
Man puppy poop stinks.
And Will has said that he'll throw up if he even hears the word poop
so we decided to change the word poop to roses.
"Did Ziggy do roses"
"Whose turn is it to pick up the roses?"
Sounds better than poop right?

My nights end pretty early now.
With Stephen's rowing schedule I'm up at 5:00
to drive him.
I really kind of like it.
Except I'm in bed every night by 9.
Last night it was 8:30.
Steve says he's really looking forward to retirement with me.
He thinks I act like I'm 80.
Anyway, thank GOD for DVR.
Cuz I missed Modern Family last night.
The one and only tv show I watch.
I couldn't even stay awake.
Maybe I'll watch it now
At 6:00 a.m.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Puppy Weekending

Hannah, Will and I drove to Maine
Thursday afternoon.
We spent the night in a hotel
and had ourselves a mini-vacation
before we went to get the puppy on Friday.
If you're ever looking for a Golden retriever
get one here !
If you were a puppy wouldn't you want to live here?
It's so beautiful up there.

After a 5 1/2 hour drive home
he met the rest of the family.
And the neighborhood!

We even brought him to the annual
Mass on the beach Sunday!
(which usually is on the beach, not the parking lot
but the tide was too high)
See if you can find him!

After Mass.
He is a total chick magnet.

He is my little buddy.
He follows me around and is right by my feet while 
I'm at my kitchen sink.
I'm trying not to over do the love for him
as Griffy was not feeling like the center of attention this weekend.

Yes he is cute.
And yes he kept me up ALL night the first night.
But, he's already started to settle into his crate and sleep better.

Ziggy is a part of our family now..
although, some people in our extended families are already
taking bets to see if he outlasts the last one.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

He's Here...

And his name is Ziggy.
And he's just taken over our lives. 

(and my sleep)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Steve got home last night
after 10 days in Australia and Indonesia.
I'm used to his travel schedule
as are the kids
but this was a long one.
I shouldn't complain...
all the years we spent in the military
prepared me for him being gone.

Steve brings gifts for everyone 
when he returns.
Batik's for us from Jakarta...
A rugby ball for Will from Australia..

He's also started a doll collection for Hannah...
one from every country he visits.

He always smuggles kinder eggs home too.
When we lived in Germany
our landlord, or Oma as Stephen called her,
used to give these to him all the time.
Apparently they were banned here in the U.S.
because it contained a "non nutritive object imbedded in it"
Give me a break.
Anyway, the kids love them.
A chocolate egg with a toy inside.

We're glad you're home!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Summer

It is still summer.
I was at the grocery store this morning
and could not bring myself to buy pumpkins.
I'm not there yet.
It's sunny and 80
and still summer on the calendar.
So Griffy and I went to the beach.

Today was the kind of day that I look forward to all summer long.

This is why.
See that?
Not a car or a person near me.
Except for the guy with his metal detector.
We had the beach to ourselves.
Thank goodness because Griff was C.R.A.N.K.Y.

And then he chilled for a while.

And then he fell in the water 
and could not recover.
So we left.
But, I am grateful for the few quiet hours on the beach today.

Because in a few days..

he arrives.

I'm sad the U.S.Open is over.
If I can't play tennis
the next best thing is watching it.

Such a great match.
The kids and I had so much fun watching!

And Steve has started his journey home.
He's been in Australia for 9 days.
We are SO ready to have him home!!