Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Summer

It is still summer.
I was at the grocery store this morning
and could not bring myself to buy pumpkins.
I'm not there yet.
It's sunny and 80
and still summer on the calendar.
So Griffy and I went to the beach.

Today was the kind of day that I look forward to all summer long.

This is why.
See that?
Not a car or a person near me.
Except for the guy with his metal detector.
We had the beach to ourselves.
Thank goodness because Griff was C.R.A.N.K.Y.

And then he chilled for a while.

And then he fell in the water 
and could not recover.
So we left.
But, I am grateful for the few quiet hours on the beach today.

Because in a few days..

he arrives.

I'm sad the U.S.Open is over.
If I can't play tennis
the next best thing is watching it.

Such a great match.
The kids and I had so much fun watching!

And Steve has started his journey home.
He's been in Australia for 9 days.
We are SO ready to have him home!!


  1. hi pam and thanks so much for stopping by today ... i'm so glad that all my favorites are stopping back in spite of my extended hiatus! don't i remember that your hannah turned 13 over the summer as well?! in any event, you're right - it sure does feel like summer today ... which sure makes me wish i had chosen the beach over target - what was i thinking?! can't wait to hear about the puppy's arrival!!

  2. What kind of puppy did you decide to get? Thinking of getting one at this house too...

  3. Aubrey had a cranky day too! But we spent it at home, would have liked the beach better!:)
    can't wait to see new puppy love pictures
    have a happy day

  4. hey....are we going to see you guys this weekend?
    if not at our house....dinner, drinks, something????

    i mean how often do you just "swing by" maine....trust me...no one is just "passing thru".

    would love to connect!!

  5. oh, how I wish I lived near you and could have parked my car on the beach with my youngest and read in my chair while he played in the sand. (of course then you woudln't have been alone on the beach) you will treasure that time in just a few short years when he's school age! I remember so many afternoons spent at the lake, watching the kids play in the sand while others were at school and it felt like playing hooky! such good memories. that is the hardest thing about my youngest being in school - losing the one on one time of just quiet (even cranky) hours...

  6. oh, and the puppy? A crate and lots of attention, discipline, and patience are the ingredients for handling a puppy! Your days will be busy at first, but the time in those first few weeks will pay off if you set a routine and get him housebroken and crate trained (so during say nap time you can exercise him in the yard a bit then crate him for some down time) you will get back into the routine of ordinary days, just with an extra buddy for company! and you have older kids who can do easy sit, down, come commands and take him on lots of walks and little play sessions! you'll be fine!

  7. That is the cutest puppy ever!
    I wish I could go to the beach just for a couple of hours. I bet if Patrick was there to play with, Griffy wouldn't be crabby. He is so cute, crabby or not.

  8. That puppy is THE cutest! is it a goldendoodle? It kind of reminds me of how my goldendoodle looked as a small puppy. :-) Happy last summer days- it's 67 degrees here in Kansas. I'm very ready for the change of seasons here with the wicked hot triple-digit summer we had.

  9. I'm so excited about your puppy coming! :)
    Pam, for our chalkboard paint, I used "Bakery Green" from Hudson Paints ~ they have a lot of great colors!!

  10. Miss you! Catching up in bloggyland...finally. It's 11:15 p.m....but I can see my kitchen sink and the laundry is going. ;) Your puppy is absolutely adorable!! We had puppies when Sofi & Izzy were little...just like Griffy. You'll be ok. It will be nuts...but I kind of potty trained the kids and the dog at the same time. I decided I didn't want to have a puppy in the house when they were heading to kindergarten or first grade. I wanted a little of freedom when those years hit. I'm so glad we endured the puppy/toddler thing. Our dogs are great...but have a hard time with so many of us telling them what to do all the time. We're trying to break some ridiculous habits with common language amongst all 6 of us and consistency. Keep us all posted!!