Monday, September 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekending on the Vineyard

My mom hosted Thanksgiving yesterday at her house on the Vineyard.
When the holidays are here it's hard for us all to get together.
We had a blast!
My sister Jen got a puppy too.
A week after we got Ziggy.
That's Hannah holding Tobi..their new yellow lab.
And my niece Sophie holding Ziggy.
The puppies had so much fun together!

Ziggy loved the ferry!

Turkey carve off between my brother and brother in law.
Steve was flying home from China
and couldn't be with us :(

It was so hot!
We couldn't all fit inside my mom's cozy house

We sat outside under a tent 
and it really felt like Thanksgiving.

Hannah and Sophie
toasting their Nana.

Nana's famous chocolate chip cookies

Nana's chocolate cake

Lots of laughs
as always

Cousins and new puppies

Ferry home
Such a beautiful night.
The sky was the same color as the ocean

my handsome boy

Another great day with family on the Vineyard..

My mom can put on quite the spread.
Not only did we eat incredibly well
but we were all sent home 
with turkey sandwiches.
Steve loved his mom!

Thanks mom.
For all that you do..


  1. okay... this is BRILLIANT.
    there's no need to cram everything & everyone into the calendar box marked "thanksgiving"!!!
    i might even be inclined to do this twice a year.

    i just love that ziggy looks like he's asleep in every picture. he's a snugglebumpkins if i ever saw one ♥

  2. Is Ziggy a lab or a retriever? He's so FLUFFY I WANNA DIE! Name that movie.

  3. I want those recipes!!! Especially the cookie one. They look so good all mushed in that bowl, like you could just sit down with a fork.
    What a good idea...Thanksgiving in September. I think I'd like that!

  4. omg, those 2 puppies together are to DIE for!! Our neighbors got a yellow lab from a breeder on the South Shore (Cape?) last April - he looked just like Tobi back then ... holy moly do they ever grow fast, it's incredible! btw, i LOVE that you guys do a separate Th'giving so you're sure to be together, that's a really special thing - lucky!!

  5. This is brilliant...will you suggest this to all of my extended family? Both sides? It would make life so much sweeter...and isn't that the point? I dread the holidays...all of them. Isn't that a horrible confession? The tensions, pressures, traditions that suffocate. This year might be a wee bit better since I'm working...less time to dwell on those missing around the table, and I'll have to let go of some expectations. Ahhh....I'd like to join your family! :) Love those puppies...omg are they cute!!

  6. What a GREAT idea! BSD just left yesterday until Christmas eve. I have been dreading the idea of even doing T-day but now I think just having it on a random day would be fun. I know I'd be very "thankful" on that day that we could all be together. What do you do on actual Tday? Do you have a small version at home or skip it? :)

    Those 2 puppies LOOK like cousins! So darn cute!

  7. Such a great way to spread out the holiday madness. And I was wishing I was on that ferry - it looked so peaceful! You are a blessed woman with a wonderful family. xo