Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Hate the Mall

After school yesterday I took the kids shopping.
Big mistake.
I don't know why I put myself 
or my kids
through it.
Will doesn't like anything. 
Hannah likes too much.
Griffy just wants to run through the mall.
Stephen doesn't even go.
Sometimes I really wish my kids had to wear a uniform to school.
Griffy wants nothing to do with wearing fall clothes.
He got up at 5 with me today and has been a grump
ever since I put the long sleeved shirt on him.
He cried, and pulled at it wanting it off.
I told him if he wanted to ride with me to get Stephen at rowing
and take Will outside to the bus
he had to wear his shirt.
And jeans.
Not happy.
So, after the last kid left for school this morning
WE went back to sleep.
It poured buckets all morning
  perfect time for a sleep.

We woke up
in better moods.
 Bagels with cream cheese
and strawberries helps too.

shopping online is the way to go.

I'm reading Caucasia now.
Anyone read this one?
I like it.


  1. I am sooooo with you on the mall. I would rather scrub toilets or change dirty diapers all day long instead of subjecting myself to that he!! on earth. The money I have to pay in shipping for online purchases is worth it just so I don't have to endure a day at the MALL.

  2. I totally agree with you about the mall! I think back, 10 years ago, when I could spend ALL day there. Now, we maybe go once a year around Christmastime, and that's sometimes too much! I pick individual stores (i.e. Target), local shops or online. Man, I'm getting old;)

  3. Oh my goodness! I hate the mall. We haven't been in 5 years! In fact, Brandon needed a haircut when I went to visit him at college in the spring. The haircut place was in the mall. I waited in the car so I wouldn't break my streak. I shop at Target, Trader Joe's, and online. Period. LOL.


  4. the Mall...hate it shopping is the way to go as long as they love it and it love them!!!! Stay dry!


  5. Do not like the mall! Which is funny because we used to go all of the time when Siri and Ben were little. Now my kids wear uniforms so I don't even need to go:) Love that you went back to bed. those are the best days.

  6. wow, pam, i'm ashamed to admit that i've just gotten caught up on the FOURTEEN posts i've missed over here in the month since i was here last! now that we have a real routine again, i'm hoping that won't happen again - it makes me so envious that you were blogging thru the summer, it all looks so wonderful and i feel like i can barely remember mine - so fast it's blurry in my memory ;-)

    what am i most struck by in those 14 posts? first - the dog! can't way to follow that story b/c i think we're next! also, the recipes - yum, you were busy! definitely want a link to the corn chowder recipe fro morning glory farm - that looks seriously delicious! and the summer books? you ripped thru so many - 'room' is one i'm tempted by, but wow does it ever seem heavy for me. i just finished 'one day' - have you read that one?

    ok, i could go on all night if i don't stop myself ... see what happens when you read 14 posts at once?! night night ...

  7. These photos of Griffy are super sweet! He is a doll. Boyd is so picky about clothes too, at such a young age. I feel your pain on that!

    Oh gosh. I REALLY hate the mall.

  8. When my kids were that age they usually didn't have pants on either. Come to think of it, my daughter would still rather be in her underwear than anything else. Probably not the best since she is 7!

    Enjoy your little guy and his pudgy thighs.