Friday, September 23, 2011

My Week in Photos

Friday 6:20 a.m

Monday 6:00 am

Tuesday 8:30 am

Wednesday 4:30

Tuesday 10:00 am

Wednesday afternoon

Thursday 3:00

Friday 6:30 am

Tuesday morning

Friday 8:15 am


  1. I love this look into your world. The pictures of the water early in the morning must make it worth every second you have to be up at that time. Isn't it cold then?
    And Grif? Love his sleeping picture.

  2. Adorable pictures... My favorite is Wednesday afternoon with the puppy so asleep next to the stuffed dog. Thanks for letting us peek into your week. I'm always so inspired by your blog. Have a great weekend Pam!

  3. loving Thursday at 3PM. What a great idea!! xoxoxo!
    p.s. i will post my outfit in the next couple of days for Chicago. Think Paisley....

  4. I discovered your blog this week,and I'm in love. You take such great pictures-seeing where you live is such a treat.

  5. So beautiful where you live! Your blog always seems to motivate me.

  6. glad to see you're still alive and functioning after the arrival of the new "baby" ... he is SO stinkin' cute!! But even as cute as ziggy is, I love that last pic with Griffy asleep ;-)

    ps - looking fw to hearing what came of those 3 slow cooker books!!

  7. love this post Pam....thursday at 3 just about did me in!! LOVE!

  8. oh...these are so peaceful and sweet. It looks like such a beautiful week. Your puppy chillin' with your cutie and his stuffed mama are adorable!

  9. i'm with dawn, thursday at 3, fo sho ♥

  10. I LOVE this post Pam, and the picture of Griffy with the puppy needs to be framed. And the sleeping one...he is so sweet and looks like so little in that picture.

  11. The pics of Griffy and the puppy have to be framed!! A boy and his dog!! They are just too sweet and as time marches on you will want to remember these moments! Great photos!! hugs, cathy