Friday, September 30, 2011

My Week in Photos

Friday 6:30 a.m

Monday 1:00

Tuesday 3:30

Thursday 10:00

Wednesday all day

Monday 8:00 a.m

Wednesday 4:00

Thursday 10:00

Friday 5:30 a.m

Wednesday 9:00


  1. Great pictures Pam. Love the fall decor!

  2. So now...I have pantry envy and puppy envy!
    I love your week in photos. I may need to try that. Right now, I am so busy that I'm not taking as many pics and I feel like I'm missing the days!
    And I was out shopping today and I forgot to pick up some pumpkins!

  3. 1. omg, that sunrise - WOW!
    2. puppy looks so cute with his damp coat ;-)
    3. griffy's curls ... sigh ...
    4. chicken caesar salad? YUM!
    5. holy cow, i'd die for that pantry - i'm especially eyeing your glassware storage - i have to know more about those ... are those large ones with the glass lids airtight? if so, where did they come from?! i'm definitely wanting a 'pam's pantry' tutorial!!

  4. Love the colors of Fall you have going on! You will love looking back someday at each of these simple, but precious moments. :) Love the blonde hair curl, the clean pantry (something I'm working on now ~ except everything is just on my counters 'cause I'm too overwhelmed to start:), and I need some of that apple bitter! :)

  5. Griffy's curls make me miss Boyd's curls terribly. Oh I love curly headed little boys! So sweet! Love your pantry and porch too. :)

  6. What a cute puppy! Hope you survive the puppy days! Love the fall mantle and your pantry is so beautiful!