Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going Away

i miss the christmas lights in paris!

but..so far 2013 has been great.
i started an exercise/eating plan 
at the start of the month
and i've stuck with it
and feel terrific.
when we moved here 6 months ago..
i ate everything! 
mostly bread.
man, i love my bread and cheese.
moving to paris is like
going off to college...
beware of  the freshman 15!

so this weekend 
i'm going away.
i'm taking the train from
paris to london
and could not be more excited!
it's a quick trip and i'm torn
between relaxing and reading
and spa treatments..
and cramming all kinds of sights
and shopping in.

i've been to london years ago
and didn't get to see the 
victoria and albert museum.
so that's a must.

if you had a weekend to yourself
in a big city
what would you do?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"i hate pa-wis"

yesterday was not a 
good day with this little guy.
after our morning routine..
we headed out for a walk.
it was the coldest day of 
the year here in paris.
but we were bundled up
and i will admit,
it felt good to be out walking
in the cold.
we walked through the 7th..
winding in and out of 
the residential boulevards.

after bribing the g-man 
with yet another eiffel tower
i asked if he'd like to go
to a cafe for some hot chocolate.
fine, he said.
like i was putting him out in some way.
we find a cute cafe with 
heated outdoor seats and a perfect 
view of the tower.
we wrangle ourselves in the small entry
find a seat
and he starts screaming.
"i hate pa-wis"
"i want to go home"

i do so hope he starts 
to love pa-wis.
it breaks my heart that he's 
unhappy right now.

so instead we came home
and i finished my stock.
and warmed up with a nice
bowl of soup.

bon weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

la baguette

dinner tonight.
i found this recipe on pinterest
and it couldn't be simpler.
it's called 
lazy day sunday casserole.
cut up peppers..
all colors..
red and/or white
a few small red potatoes
and some carrots.
in a small jar mix
about 1/2 cup of olive oil,
1/2 cup chicken stock
a few garlic gloves..
some herbs..
i had sage and thyme on hand.
pour over veggies and roast in a
425 degree oven..
covered in aluminum foil.
meanwhile..brown some sausages..
when the veggies are done..
cut up the sausages and add to the veggies.
back in the oven for another 1/2 hour..
i served ours with wide noodles 
and a baguette.
of course.

oh the french baguette.
how i love thee.
seriously though..
is there anything more 
quintessential than the french 

my experience with the french
baguette has been nothing less
than what you'd think it would be.
and it's not just about eating it.
i feel my "frenchiest"
when walking down 
the street with a baguette
tucked under my arm.
i smile when i see others 
doing the same.
especially children.

on our daily walks,
griffy is sitting in the stroller
munching on a baguette.
if there is any left..
we spread it with 

(i grabbed this image off of pinterest.)

we do have a favorite boulangerie.
sometimes we're there twice a day.

about the only french that 
i have mastered is..
"deux baguettes s'il vous plait"

had to add this pic.
griff and i at our favorite cafe today
enjoying a chocolat chaud,
cappucccino, and a croissant.
good day.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Day in Paris

the kids have a snow day today!
it snowed all weekend
and paris looked amazing!
it's been raining for a few hours
so most of it is gone..
but yesterday,
we got out and walked 
and snapped some pics.
after six months of living here..
i still pinch myself.
i am a very lucky girl.

a brave soul skiing 
the steps of trocadero!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paris Snow and Pizza Night

last night it snowed
here in paris...
and it was the most
beautiful sight.
is there anything more
peaceful than going to sleep
while the snowfalls outside?
the normal bustling and beeping
sounds of paris
turned soft and quiet.
such a wonderful way to drift
off to sleep
i think.

hannah had a few girls sleepover..
and they went out to take pics.
i took one of them from our balcony..

we also resumed our friday night 
pizza night...
i finally found some yeast.

don't ask what i paid for the american croutons.

snow in paris...
is just lovely.

Monday, January 14, 2013

paris weekending

it was a nice weekend.
after steve being gone all 
last week..
we just enjoyed being home 
we watched movies
(my tech savvy kids figured
out how to stream through
the internet and the PSP,
Les Mis!)
it was wonderful.
we are HUGE Les Mis fans 
and the movie is not even
opening in Paris until February.
what a treat to see it.

we ate lots of comfort foods
 and slept in.
will and i had a date
to visit the american library in paris.
we hadn't been yet
and now i can see us being 
frequent visitors.
it was nice to catch up on all the 
american magazines/newspapers
and to spend some quality time with 
my will.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


when steve goes on a trip..
i buy myself flowers.
it's just one of those
things that i've always
done for myself.

flowers make me happy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

City Living

transitioning from our own home
near the beach
with a yard and the freedom
to talk and play as loud as 
you'd like..
to an apartment in the city
 has been challenging.
especially for the younger kids.
when the kids start to get cooped up..
and they do..
i can't just say, 
"go out and play."
 don't get me wrong..
i love the city.
there is so much that i love about
living here.
i love walking everywhere.
i haven't driven a car since august
and i don't miss it.
i love that there is 
always something to do
or somewhere to go.
i love the lights
and the hustle and bustle
of living in a city.

i'm still trying to adjust
to the noisiness of living in
a city.
and not just the noise 
coming from outside.

moving our family of six
to a new country..
piece of cake.
dealing with crazy loud 
not so much.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Top of the Arc

the house is so quiet.
kids back to school today
after nearly 3 weeks off...
and steve off to CA.
sad to see it all end..
but ready for the new year.

we ended our vacation
with a birthday weekend
celebration for steve.
friday night he and i 
dined out at a traditional
french restaurant. 
saturday night the whole family
went to a local chinese food 

we had homemade cards and a 
few presents and cake.

one present,
from hannah..
was a wine glass filled 
with dijon mustard.
steve LOVES  the dijon mustard here.

sunday we walked up the 284 steps
to the top of the arc de triomphe.
it was very overcast
but the views were still magnificent.

sacre' coeur.

looking down the champs elysees
towards the louvre.
notre dame is in the upper right corner.

i just love the rooftops in paris.

heading back down.

another terrific weekend in paris!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bonne Annee!

we've had my mom here visiting us
from martha's vineyard!
she had never been to paris
and we were blessed with 
beautiful weather.
sunny most days and 50!

we strolled the christmas markets,
rode the ferris wheel,
dined at some wonderful restaurants,
shopped the champs,
walked the jardin de tuileries,
visited the eiffel tower on new years eve.
there was so much more to see!
but, i'm hoping her visit here
was a nice one.
we loved having  you mom!

for christmas,
steve gifted me with a new camera!
i have been having so much
fun taking pictures with it.
i can't wait to learn more..
because i truly have no idea
what i'm doing!
i gave our old nikon d40 to hannah..
as she has shown interest in photography too.
my new one..the nikon d5100 is equipped 
with video..which i'm happy about.
i have NO video of my kids!

he also included the 300mm lens 
which i LOVE!

we are still enjoying time off.
the kids don't go back to school
until monday..steve went back to work today.

happy new year friends!
may this year bring us all
good health
and happiness.