Saturday, January 26, 2013

"i hate pa-wis"

yesterday was not a 
good day with this little guy.
after our morning routine..
we headed out for a walk.
it was the coldest day of 
the year here in paris.
but we were bundled up
and i will admit,
it felt good to be out walking
in the cold.
we walked through the 7th..
winding in and out of 
the residential boulevards.

after bribing the g-man 
with yet another eiffel tower
i asked if he'd like to go
to a cafe for some hot chocolate.
fine, he said.
like i was putting him out in some way.
we find a cute cafe with 
heated outdoor seats and a perfect 
view of the tower.
we wrangle ourselves in the small entry
find a seat
and he starts screaming.
"i hate pa-wis"
"i want to go home"

i do so hope he starts 
to love pa-wis.
it breaks my heart that he's 
unhappy right now.

so instead we came home
and i finished my stock.
and warmed up with a nice
bowl of soup.

bon weekend!


  1. He's so darn cute with his Eiffel Tower. If you ever come back he'll probably start saying, "But I loved Pa-wis!" At least that's how my kids work. Hope you are staying warm.

  2. Have you thought about "stop bribing him" and having a firmer hand? You are playing into him.....

  3. a t-shirt for mr. g:
    an upside down eiffel tower
    with his phrase "i hate pa-wis"

  4. yikes, anon...
    i'm reticent to dole out any parenting advice ever,
    but especially to someone in pam's shoes.
    she's doing her level best in a difficult situation.

  5. Sorry to hear that. Not fun for the boy. Not fun for his momma either. How often does he get to hang out with kids his age? Have you joined a play group for example since he does not go to school yet? I would get my hands on a couple of these books "Paris with kids" and such, and look up ideas of places where he could hang out with other children. Have you considered signing him up at a [free] neighborhood crêche (day care,) at least a couple of days a week? Some are excellent - I suspect that is the case in your corner of Paris :-) - but they can be hard to get into. You can also find many expat blogs online where you could find excellent tips... Most moms (American or otherwise) go through the same hurdles, the world over. Why not contact author and "Parisienne" Pamela Druckerman (who wrote "that book" about French kids last year?) She may have some tips for you :-) Bon courage. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. you know....if I remember children at that age could (in moments of frustration and well...being their age) could find things they hate. So....if he were at "home" given that moment...he likely woudl have "hated" something at home. I agree that finding more opportunities for him to find friends his age....would likely be welcome for him although it has to be a challenge given you are new there too. Meanwhile....remember it's his age! and what a great story to remind him of when he is older!!!!! thanks for sharing....I do so enjoy your posts.....and G is matter what!

  7. Hang in there! You and Griffy are going to work it all out. xoxo

  8. Griffy is too cute.... I remember those little Eiffel Tower vendors well - sure wish I could stop in for one before hot chocolate. ;-) You're doing a great job Pam. I just feel sure that he'll turn a corner soon. And I love seeing the shots from your kitchen - so cozy and warm. xoxo

  9. Awe!! That would be so hard. You're such a good mom. You always have been. God bless you.

  10. i don't see my original forgive if this is a duplicate. my input...a mother and grandmother. one day at a time. you know the have three others. your eiffel tower minis to griff....making memories to last a lifetime....certainly not bribery!!! each child is different. you know your your instincts. just the fact that his feelings matter to you......enough said in my book. xoxo fanci

    ps....i said much more in this

  11. Why does it always feel like it takes three years to feel like you "belong" to a place? He's so darn cute, Pam!

  12. I can't remember how I came across your blog, had to be from another blog, but it's so much fun. I've been slowly going back over your posts trying to find the one that tells what brought y'all to France, but haven't gotten there yet.
    I just adore your photos and I have to tell you honestly, I have NEVER had a desire to visit France, but your photos are changing my mind.
    My sister (American) married a man from France and they lived in Niece for 13 years.
    I hope Little Man will soon grow to at least "like" Pa Wis, if he can't love it.