Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Day in Paris

the kids have a snow day today!
it snowed all weekend
and paris looked amazing!
it's been raining for a few hours
so most of it is gone..
but yesterday,
we got out and walked 
and snapped some pics.
after six months of living here..
i still pinch myself.
i am a very lucky girl.

a brave soul skiing 
the steps of trocadero!


  1. Yikes, I am worried about that skier!
    Living the dream Pam dear, you are living the dream!

  2. Who would have thought-a snow day in Paris? It's beautiful. No snow here, we are just gray and freezing cold. (And I love your new (maybe it's not new but I've just noticed now) About Me profile.)

  3. Magic! Thank you for sharing. :) We haven't had snow yet here so it's lovely to see it...enjoy my friend!

  4. Amazing! I can't even imagine living in Paris, let alone a snow day in Paris!!

  5. Although you have been blogging since 2010 unfortunately I have only just found you. You have a gorgeous family, I love the blog and especially all the great photos - keep up the good work and I am glad you are having such a great time in Paris.
    Michele (UK)

  6. Love the new snowy header! Stay warm. You are indeed lucky....and so are we that you are sharing your adventures with us!...Janey

  7. Paris in the snow looks beautiful. But then Paris always looks beautful!