Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paris Snow and Pizza Night

last night it snowed
here in paris...
and it was the most
beautiful sight.
is there anything more
peaceful than going to sleep
while the snowfalls outside?
the normal bustling and beeping
sounds of paris
turned soft and quiet.
such a wonderful way to drift
off to sleep
i think.

hannah had a few girls sleepover..
and they went out to take pics.
i took one of them from our balcony..

we also resumed our friday night 
pizza night...
i finally found some yeast.

don't ask what i paid for the american croutons.

snow in paris...
is just lovely.


  1. Simply beautiful! Would you like me to bring you some yeast when I come with our high school group in April? We will have a bit of free time while in Paris and I would be more then happy to bring anything over that you might "need" or just like.

    Enjoy your beautiful snow!!

  2. so beautiful....we have friday night pizza too and watch a movie we eat it in front of the TV the kids love it.... last night my daughter and I watched Downton Abbey catching the first season on Netflix...(imagine 1st season) my husband and son were at my son's basketball game after the game 8 pm we were all sitting eating and watching another episode. Friday nights need to be mellow and what a better way for you and your family is to have snowfall cover the outside; we are from ny and it was bitter cold, so it was nice to get cozy!I love your blog....Thank you for sharing.

  3. Now that is a beautiful sight! How sleepy your Paris streets look...
    And how wonderful that your daughter has friends to sleepover and you all have warm pizza for your Friday night!

  4. Love the pictures, especially that first one. Had to laugh about the croutons. When I lived in Europe I missed my dryer sheets. Family started writing me letters with a sheet of Bounce in each letter!..Janey

  5. Ahhh Dreamy!
    Maybe you should make your own croutons next time!

  6. Beautiful, Pam...looks so cozy! : )

  7. It looks like a postcard! I love snowstorms at night too.

  8. WOW!!
    cozy is right.
    straight out of a movie.
    have a happy day pam

  9. I love it when it snows at night. It's so peaceful and magical.

  10. A hot pizza on a cold night, and friends to hang out with. Definitely one of the best ways to spend a snowy friday night.