Thursday, January 24, 2013

la baguette

dinner tonight.
i found this recipe on pinterest
and it couldn't be simpler.
it's called 
lazy day sunday casserole.
cut up peppers..
all colors..
red and/or white
a few small red potatoes
and some carrots.
in a small jar mix
about 1/2 cup of olive oil,
1/2 cup chicken stock
a few garlic gloves..
some herbs..
i had sage and thyme on hand.
pour over veggies and roast in a
425 degree oven..
covered in aluminum foil.
meanwhile..brown some sausages..
when the veggies are done..
cut up the sausages and add to the veggies.
back in the oven for another 1/2 hour..
i served ours with wide noodles 
and a baguette.
of course.

oh the french baguette.
how i love thee.
seriously though..
is there anything more 
quintessential than the french 

my experience with the french
baguette has been nothing less
than what you'd think it would be.
and it's not just about eating it.
i feel my "frenchiest"
when walking down 
the street with a baguette
tucked under my arm.
i smile when i see others 
doing the same.
especially children.

on our daily walks,
griffy is sitting in the stroller
munching on a baguette.
if there is any left..
we spread it with 

(i grabbed this image off of pinterest.)

we do have a favorite boulangerie.
sometimes we're there twice a day.

about the only french that 
i have mastered is..
"deux baguettes s'il vous plait"

had to add this pic.
griff and i at our favorite cafe today
enjoying a chocolat chaud,
cappucccino, and a croissant.
good day.


  1. What about pain au chocolat? Now THAT'S France to me. Eat one for me, would you. s'il vous plait? Merci.

  2. LOVE that last picture and LOVE baguettes bien sûr!

  3. Bonjour Pam. I love your "easy" dinner recipe. I may give it a try tomorrow evening in fact! Now... to an essential question: Where do I find the perfect French baguette to go with the meal, here in Seattle's suburbia? I am doomed, I fear... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Veronique...Hi..I live in Auburn WA (South of Seattle :)...I would think you would have a little more luck than I finding a good french baguette :) Have you tried La Panier at the Pike Place Market ( that might do it for you :)

  4. oh, griffy... i think paris looks good on you.

    thankfully, here in boise, we have le cafe de paris for honest-to-goodness french baguettes & croissants ♥

  5. that Griffy is so darn cute!! My family would love this recipe...thanks for sharing...and I REALLY wish I could get a french baguette around here...the grocery bakery :) will have to do!

  6. Pam..what a cutie your Griff is! Your casserole looks wonderful...I can just imagine coming in from the cold with a baguette tucked under the arm...a glass of red wine waiting (after the kids are put to bed). It all sounds wonderful and in Paris no less. Sending you very best wishes..
    Jeanne xx

  7. Look at that sweet face!! Oh my. What a cutie patootie. What incredible life experiences she is gathering.
    Thank you for the recipe--I will very well likely make it this weekend...
    Stay warm,

  8. You are so right, the baguette is such a symbol of France.
    Griffy's smile says it all!

  9. Pam, so wonderful to 'meet' you. You little Griff is adorable. I can't barely imagine the thrill of living in Paris and experiencing "le baguette" every day. Can't wait to live vicariously with your family on this incredible journey.

  10. Wish I could visit you, maybe then I could actually use that French 4 I took in high school. :-) Food looks amazing, bon appetite!