Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going Away

i miss the christmas lights in paris!

but..so far 2013 has been great.
i started an exercise/eating plan 
at the start of the month
and i've stuck with it
and feel terrific.
when we moved here 6 months ago..
i ate everything! 
mostly bread.
man, i love my bread and cheese.
moving to paris is like
going off to college...
beware of  the freshman 15!

so this weekend 
i'm going away.
i'm taking the train from
paris to london
and could not be more excited!
it's a quick trip and i'm torn
between relaxing and reading
and spa treatments..
and cramming all kinds of sights
and shopping in.

i've been to london years ago
and didn't get to see the 
victoria and albert museum.
so that's a must.

if you had a weekend to yourself
in a big city
what would you do?


  1. Your title scared me!

    Wow, I have never been brave enough to go anywhere alone. Can't wait for you to blog about it.

    I suppose I would take a city tour, walk through Hyde Park. Find a street with a lot of antique shops, get lost in Harrods and treat myself to High Tea...have a wonderful time!

  2. I love London. I can understand your dilemma--how can you not see all there is to see there? My favorites? The British Museum and the National Gallery. But since you only live a train ride away--maybe you need the spa time.

  3. How much fun Pam!
    If I had time alone in London, I would definitely be shopping the markets, like Picadilly Market and Portabello Road Market.
    My favorite blogger knows London well and is a world traveler.
    She was just there for the holidays.
    Go to her blog and search "London". You will enjoy Lisa's take on it, I promise.

  4. All of it, Pam. I would do it all! As much as I loved meeting up with my husband in Germany, my time alone there was the best. Soak up every minute!

  5. If I was going to London on my own I would definitely go to the V&A. I love it there. I would choose Liberty's over Harrods and try and get tickets to a play. Have a great time. I am going to London in a few weeks but with four pre-teens and a date with One Direction. It won't be quite the same!!!

  6. I love London and my favorite thing to do is to just wander about the whole town especially the parks. I would also go to a few shows in the West End as I love the theatre! Definitely go to Boroughs Market too! And definitely treat yourself to a spa treatment or two! Have fun. We will be going again in a few months.

  7. oh there is no way I could stay inside my hotel in London...I would be outing and abouting :)
    I need a fashion forecast from Paris...saw some cute pencil skirts at Target recently...still wearing them in Paris with tights and boots?? flats with them for Spring?? Have a great weekend Pam xoxo

  8. Wow, what a dilemma! Such fun!
    I would shop at Liberty...visit the Victoria & Albert...walk, walk, walk the charming streets of London and swing by Marks & Spencer for a salad, bread and wine for dinner.
    Have so much fun!

  9. Have a wonderful time.... I think you are really brave going it alone....my cities would be Boston,DC, NYC (train ride away) and if I really can fantasize Rome,Florence or Venice and i do nothing sight see, day dream, eat, bond with me!!!!

  10. have the best time.....hope you will share some pictures of your trip!!!