Monday, January 14, 2013

paris weekending

it was a nice weekend.
after steve being gone all 
last week..
we just enjoyed being home 
we watched movies
(my tech savvy kids figured
out how to stream through
the internet and the PSP,
Les Mis!)
it was wonderful.
we are HUGE Les Mis fans 
and the movie is not even
opening in Paris until February.
what a treat to see it.

we ate lots of comfort foods
 and slept in.
will and i had a date
to visit the american library in paris.
we hadn't been yet
and now i can see us being 
frequent visitors.
it was nice to catch up on all the 
american magazines/newspapers
and to spend some quality time with 
my will.


  1. Love the library on the weekend!

  2. Amazing experiences. They will never forget this time. We lived in Japan for a year and it has left a huge mark on my kids. And...wan't "Les Mis" just absolutely wonderful? I was wide-eyed and thrilled from beginning to end by the movie.