Friday, September 28, 2012

Rue Cler

Yesterday we walked.
I was tired of taking the stroller
on the metro.
So we walked all around the 7th.
It's only about a 15 minute walk
from our flat to the "Eiffey Towey"
as Griffin calls it and 
I have been wanting to visit the 
market on Rue Cler.
We walked under the Tower,
up the Champs du Mars
toward Ecole Militaire.
We stopped for lunch 
at a cafe
and then found Rue Cler.
Once there, I was wishing
that we had waited to eat 
at one of the  cafe's on 
the sweet cobble stoned street.

On the walk home
we stopped at a playground.

I don't think we'll ever tire of 
walking around the Eiffey Towey.
Bon Weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paris Sky and In My French Kitchen

this is the view from my desk.

and this was the view out that window
late yesterday afternoon.
the sky here in paris
is just what you'd imagine..
a beautiful blue/grey.
now, i love a blue sky sunny day
just as much as the next person..
but in paris..
i love it like this.

dinner last night.
tomato/leek tart.
along with a salad
 a glass of crisp white wine..
and maybe a chocolate chip cookie
for desert..

griff and i have the whole 
day in front of us.
a beautifully cool,
grey sky day in paris.
i wonder
what we'll do today?

J'aime le ciel de Paris.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Market Day

Thank God for iphone cameras.
With everything else I lug around,
my Nikon usually doesn't make the cut.
Unless of course I know that
I'll be sitting at an outdoor cafe
people watching....
which by the way
is not happening nearly enough.
(hello preschool)

Today is market day.
Nothing really exciting today.
I really just made a quick run
to get some fruits/veggies.
And this giant bouquet 
of greenery. 
This flat is so white.
White walls, white furniture..
time for a little color.

I'm really glad I picked up this scale. 
When I bought it I just thought it was cute.
Now I'm realizing that I have to measure
all of my ingredients.
Butter doesn't come in sticks
ready for baking.
Although, I'm not complaining.
The butter is freaking amazing.

Griffy and I made chocolate chip cookies today.
Our first batch in the flat!
They turned out pretty good
considering I bought pure cane sugar 
instead of brown sugar.
And couldn't find vanilla extract.

So my friend Emily has an etsy shop.
I just received these gorgeous vintage style
earrings in the mail today!
I love them!
Please go visit her shop.
You will want everything in it!
And if you find something you like..
Em will give you 20% off your entire order..
from now until the 30th of Sept.
Use coupon code
She accepts paypal and credit cards.
Merci Em!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Embarrassing moment # 345 and In My French Kitchen

I don't think a day has gone by
since moving here,
that I haven't completely humiliated myself somehow.
Yes, "my French" is probably the most common, 
but taking the metro is coming in at a close second.
I have a 3 year old so if I want to get out and 
see Paris, then a stroller is a must.
And let me just say..
strollers and the metro don't mix.
Or rather the stairs up and down 
to the metro.
I guess this is why I don't see strollers
very often on the metro.
I think my 3 year old is the only 3 year old
taking the metro...
all the other 3 year old French kids are 
at L'ecole maternelle.

Anyway, the other day I was picking up our 
dry cleaning in our neighborhood.
While I was waiting in line
I noticed a woman getting her hair done 
in a salon across the street.
The stylist was doing such a fabulous
job on her hair that I got it into 
my head that I wanted him to do my hair.
Now, it was raining out and 
I was not only pushing Griffin in 
his trike,
but pulling my shopping cart,
carrying my dry cleaning and an umbrella.
We stumble across the street and walk into 
the salon.
And here is how it went down....
Man: "blah blah blah"
Me: Bonjour! Parlez-vous anglais?
Man: "A little bit"
Me: I'd like to make an appointment.
Man: No.
Me: No?
Man: No.
Me: No? (with a quizzical look on my face)
Man: NO!

Everyone in the salon went silent and stared.
So, I grabbed my kid and all my crap
and stumbled out of there.
Dropping half my crap on the way out.
I'm really tempted to go back and try again.

It's so good to be cooking again!
After weeks and weeks and weeks of
living out of hotels and eating out 
3 meals a day...I'm enjoying 
being back in the kitchen.
I'm very lucky to have a great kitchen here..
although, I really wish I shipped more of my things.
I miss my kitchen aid and my waffle iron and my 
panini maker and my plates and bowls.
Anyway, Steve and I are still trying to stick 
to no carbs/sugar/wine/coffee during the week.
So, we are eating lots of fruits and veggies.
I made a ratatouille the other day.
So yummy over some quinoa.
I'm also roasting tomatoes on a daily 
basis. Also good by themselves or over some

On this weeks menu:
Lentil soup
Tomato/Leek tart
Coq au Vin
Ok, the tacos don't really fit in but
I have 4 kids.

We've found a little store that sells crafts!
Looking forward to building a stash of craft supplies!
Speaking of..
I made a new friend!
(she's very crafty!)
We found each others blogs
and we live near each other.
She has 4 kids...3 that go to
the same school as mine.
And she invited me over next week!
Check out her sweet blog...
Looking forward to meeting up Nicola!

My first amazon package!
2 new movies for Griffy
and 3 books for me.
Looks like it'll be a great rainy day in Paris!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Paris Weekending

Our weekend was busy and wonderful.
Friday night Will started soccer and then went to a 
friends' house in the suburbs.
Stephen stayed after to watch a game
and then he and his friends took the train
to Chipotle. 
I'm amazed at how quickly my kids have gone
from driving and being driven everywhere...
to taking trains, buses...all by themselves!
I think they like city life.

Saturday Steve took Will 
back out to school for another soccer practice.
Hannah, Griffy and I took the train
to Les Puces...(translates to The Fleas).
The largest Flea market in the world.
We were there for hours and didn't see
half of it.
I can't wait to go back.

Again with the "NO PHOTOS!"
So I snuck a few with my iphone.

My purchases...
keep in mind I have to lug this stuff 
home on the train...while pushing a stroller.
I love my cafe au lait bowls!
My friend Em suggested I start a collection.
I found some linen with my initials..
the old farine and date canisters
and wire basket for magazines.
I bought the toile paper...
because I just loved it.
Still trying to figure out what to do with it.
Maybe frame it.

Saturday night
my handsome husband took me out 
to dinner.
We had a great time.
It's so hard to choose 
which restaurant to go to!

On Sunday we all took the train 
to Le Marais.
Oh do I love this part of Paris!
We went in search of La'falafel.
Ok..seriously...probably one of the best
things I've ever eaten!
There are a bunch of these falafel places
here..with lines filling the streets.

Everyone is walking around eating their falafels.

I really wish I had taken a better picture.
I was too busy eating.

When you finally make it to the window..
you had better know what you want.
(think soup nazi from Seinfeld).
It's pretty comical actually.
I'd like to make this a Sunday ritual.

Griffy had fun chasing the pigeons.

We continued walking through out 
Les Marais and stayed to listen 
to this jazz band for quite a while.
We bought their CD we loved them so much.
(notice the Praise Be To Prada graffiti :)

I'm seeing these oxford shoes 
all over the city right now.
I love them with cropped jeans.
I think I need a pair.

Heading home, we walked along the Seine...
enjoying the many booksellers.

A few people have asked me about 
my French.
I have no French so I cannot even use 
the words My and French in the same sentence.
Steve has a language tutor at work
and the children are learning at school.
We bought Rosetta Stone and are waiting for that 
to arrive so I guess I'll start there.
I get by on a daily basis with the basics...
however, I want to learn more.

Another fabulous weekend in Paris!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Le Bon Marche

yesterday, griffin and i went to bon marche.
it's one of the oldest department stores in the world...160 years old.

we wanted to ride the escalators 
up and down
all day.
but not only was i the only shopper
with a stroller..
i think i was the only one with a child.
i saw plenty of women toting along their
chien's (dogs)...but no children.
shopping at le bon marche is an experience..
and could take you an entire weekend to see 
because they have everything.

now, generally i'm not a mall girl.
i prefer boutique shopping and flea markets.
but, this...i could deal with.
i think i walked around the entire time with 
my jaw dropped.

we started out at the Le Grand Epicerie..
the food hall...
where i loaded griffin up with 
a chocolate milkshake and some
very over priced M&M's...
(to keep him occupied while i shopped of course).
only a few pics here as 
i was scolded many times...

i did score some much needed baking soda
in the american section of the store.

i love the louis vuitton displays.

i could have stayed for hours
in the makeup section.
before we moved to paris..
i decided to start wearing some makeup.
but didn't really have a clue how to 
put it on.
(i'm 44)
before moving here, i'd throw on mascara
and some vaseline on my lips.
so...i took myself to the bobbi brown 
counter and had a makeover.
i bought everything she told me to
and now i love putting on my makeup in the morning!

we found a playground close by too.
so it was a good day for both griff and i.
j'adore shopping in paris!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I Wear in Paris and my Flat

so we finished 7 days of the cleanse...and
i will say honestly, i've never felt better.
i have more energy, no sugar/carb cravings,
we've cut out coffee and wine during the week.
in one week, i feel like a different person.
so glad i did it!

we've had the most beautiful weather here lately.
it's getting cool at night, which i love.
but, warm and sunny during the day.

i bought this little dress years ago at T.J.Max for about 10 bucks.
sometimes i'll wear it with tights and high boots..
but i'm loving the low boots i'm seeing every where now.
these boots are Frye knockoffs from Target last year.

the j.crew black minnie pant.
i bought these last fall and wear them often.
they are comfy and slimming.
here i paired them with a black turtleneck from gap
and a grey blazer from j.crew (about 7 years ago),
and isaac mizrahi tweed kitten heels from target.

same black minnie pants...
again with black turtleneck 
and red blazer from gap
and red flats from j.crew.

and if steve and i are going out on the town...
black heels...kate spade (from marshalls)

love my black minnie's!

so, our flat is awesome.
we love living here.
there is just one thing...
i miss my stuff.
we were allowed to air ship 6 crates of our 
household goods.
man, did those crates fill up quickly.
so we chose this flat because it's pretty well furnished.
but, i still miss my things.
(i was up half the night thinking about
how great my leopard chair would have looked here :)

months ago..when steve took the 4 kids by himself 
to disney..i spent hours in the attic
sorting christmas decorations into one bin to bring with us here.
i go a little crazy decorating at christmas so it was hard 
to just pick a few things...
well, that bin didn't make it. 
during the craziness of the move,
we must have put the bin in the storage pile.
i'm sick over it.

anyway, i'm so anxious to make this 
house our home.
i feel like i'm starting from scratch.
which can be fun too!
i'm betting the famous french flea markets
will be a great place to start!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Market Day

how i love market day! 
and it's a gorgeous day here in paris!
here's what we brought home...

longe de pork...pork loin
poivre peppercorns
moulin a' poivre...peppermill
pommes de terre....potatoes
chocolate chip cookies
poivron pepper
saumon...salmon (in blue bag)

and more images from the market today....

love his leopard scarf

getting my mag fix

tea + magazines = happy

a bientot!