Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our New Life...Finally.

we are back home in paris.
and we have wi-fi.
and over the past 7 weeks
we have moved 9 times.
i think this has been one of
the most stressful
and exciting
summers of my life.

when we left paris to fly home to boston
we would not know that the visa process
would delay our families' return home.
the children missed the orientation to school
and the first day of school.

there were days back in boston
that were spent driving around
not knowing if we were flying out 
that night or not.
finally, on monday of last week..
we got the call at noon to say
we were set to go.
we flew out that night.
(that's griffy on take off)
my kids are well-seasoned travelers now.

we did get to spend quite a bit of 
time on the cape and the vineyard
with our families.
and closed on our house.
and did our back to school shopping.
and much more.

here we are.
settling in to our new life in paris.


  1. Hi Pam! I am so happy to see you are home and settled! I am a long time reader of your blog and have been checking to see how things are going...Enjoy the much needed rest that settling in brings!

  2. I am so happy you have it worked out now. I have missed your blog post but figured things might be up in the air. GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK!! and glad that you are HOME!

  3. SO happy to see you back! I have lived vicariously through you, with your wonderful place in Massachusetts, and now in Paris! Your writing is real, fun and did I say real?!!! Looking forward to seeing how your adventures continue to evolve!

  4. Hi Pam!! I can only imagine the stress of moving your family to another country..yes, it all seems so dreamy, but reality bites :) I know once all things settle and slow down, this Parisan life your living is going to be wonderful!! Enjoy the ride Friend!