Friday, September 21, 2012

Le Bon Marche

yesterday, griffin and i went to bon marche.
it's one of the oldest department stores in the world...160 years old.

we wanted to ride the escalators 
up and down
all day.
but not only was i the only shopper
with a stroller..
i think i was the only one with a child.
i saw plenty of women toting along their
chien's (dogs)...but no children.
shopping at le bon marche is an experience..
and could take you an entire weekend to see 
because they have everything.

now, generally i'm not a mall girl.
i prefer boutique shopping and flea markets.
but, this...i could deal with.
i think i walked around the entire time with 
my jaw dropped.

we started out at the Le Grand Epicerie..
the food hall...
where i loaded griffin up with 
a chocolate milkshake and some
very over priced M&M's...
(to keep him occupied while i shopped of course).
only a few pics here as 
i was scolded many times...

i did score some much needed baking soda
in the american section of the store.

i love the louis vuitton displays.

i could have stayed for hours
in the makeup section.
before we moved to paris..
i decided to start wearing some makeup.
but didn't really have a clue how to 
put it on.
(i'm 44)
before moving here, i'd throw on mascara
and some vaseline on my lips.
so...i took myself to the bobbi brown 
counter and had a makeover.
i bought everything she told me to
and now i love putting on my makeup in the morning!

we found a playground close by too.
so it was a good day for both griff and i.
j'adore shopping in paris!


  1. Each day is such an adventure. I love your pictures and am so glad that you still take them even though they tell you not to :) It's so much fun to see all of this!

    BTW ~ Do you speak French a bit? How are you getting along with the language? I'm sure by now that you must be learning if you didn't speak French before.

    So cool... and thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend! (wish I could say that in French for you :) )


  2. Enjoy so much seeing your daily life in Paris, Pam. So happy you found your baking supplies! And I was just going to ask what Tara you speak French? Was curious... Have a great day!

  3. What a gorgeous store, although the escalators would give me a panic attack. I always have to find the elevator, and it's so embarrassing. I would have been sneaking photos just like you, and getting scolded as well. I wouldn't have been able to help myself!

    I'm glad you found your baking soda. :)

  4. I love all of your photos and your daily commentary. I am so envious. I wake up each morning before my kids come down (6am) and quickly check to see if there are any updates to your blog and when there are it sure makes my day start out on a happy note. I love seeing Paris and unfortunately, I have only seen it as a tourist- running here and there and everywhere to all of the sights. I love seeing your daily life....makes me want to move there. Massachusetts seems a little boring at this point!

  5. I love that shot of the escalators. What a beautiful place! How's your French coming?

    BTW--email me when you can. Brad and I are headed to Boston in a few weeks and need some ideas on where to stay, where to eat and what to see. Wish you were still there so I could add you to the list!

  6. What an awesome place to shop!

    Kudos to Griffy for making it thru with you!

  7. Wow! What an experience!! Ah makeup. I wear the wrong things I'm sure. I need to head to the mall and have someone tell me what to do!

  8. I love how you adventure out everyday...yay you!
    This seems so much like Harrods...oh I love the rebel in you :) miss no photo!
    and yay, for baking soda and pumpkin!!! seeing your box of brownie mix, there was a recipe on pinterest that called for 1 box of brownie mix and a can of oil...maybe you could make that!
    happy paris weekending!

  9. Love following your life in France. Why is it that the business do not want photos taken? Also what is the deal with baking soda being difficult to come by? Why is it an American thing? What do they use instead. I have been wondering about this since you posted about this the other day.