Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Market Day

Thank God for iphone cameras.
With everything else I lug around,
my Nikon usually doesn't make the cut.
Unless of course I know that
I'll be sitting at an outdoor cafe
people watching....
which by the way
is not happening nearly enough.
(hello preschool)

Today is market day.
Nothing really exciting today.
I really just made a quick run
to get some fruits/veggies.
And this giant bouquet 
of greenery. 
This flat is so white.
White walls, white furniture..
time for a little color.

I'm really glad I picked up this scale. 
When I bought it I just thought it was cute.
Now I'm realizing that I have to measure
all of my ingredients.
Butter doesn't come in sticks
ready for baking.
Although, I'm not complaining.
The butter is freaking amazing.

Griffy and I made chocolate chip cookies today.
Our first batch in the flat!
They turned out pretty good
considering I bought pure cane sugar 
instead of brown sugar.
And couldn't find vanilla extract.

So my friend Emily has an etsy shop.
I just received these gorgeous vintage style
earrings in the mail today!
I love them!
Please go visit her shop.
You will want everything in it!
And if you find something you like..
Em will give you 20% off your entire order..
from now until the 30th of Sept.
Use coupon code
She accepts paypal and credit cards.
Merci Em!


  1. it is oh-so-french to have your flowers match your kitchen scale : )
    LOVE those earrings from emily.
    have you ever before had a coupon code named after you? ♥

  2. French le beurre is amazing. It's no wonder Julia Childs had an obsession with it!
    Thanks again for supporting my passion.
    I know the earrings look lovely on you!

  3. Love the bag on wheels... very cool and good for all of the walking and carrying you do!

  4. Everything seems so fabulous. Loved catching up. Market day is what I am going to start calling the day I go to Costco.
    Not quite the all.

  5. Market day is my favorite of your posts..I want a cart to take to the market
    your earrings from Em are so lovely, and that Griffy is such a cutie!

  6. SO fabulous Pam! Request, sil vous plais?

    -more photos of kitchen and flat!

    Love you! xoxo