Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yesterday in Paris

this is the view from my kitchen balcony 
looking down the little alley.
steve and i love to sit 
out there at night.
it's hard not to creep on our neighbors!

this is the view (looking left) from my family 
room balcony. the restaurant with the black awning
Les Tablettes is supposed to be a great place.
looking forward to going there!

this is the view (looking right)
from the same balcony.
Ozio is an Italian place
that we have yet to try too!
the children catch the school
bus at the top of the hill..
Victor Hugo Place...see the fountain?
around the circle there are numerous
restaurants, little markets, shopping, metro.
it's a very busy circle..and so fun 
to sit at a cafe and people watch.

a peek into stephen's room.
stephen's room is waaaay down at the end 
of the flat. he likes it because he can get away from
all the noisy little kids.
early last week our landlord came over.
i asked him a million questions about the flat..
(his english is very good)
the apartment was built in 1912 and 
our landlord and his wife raised
4 children in this apartment.
 stephen's room was the original kitchen.

so if stephen feels the need to cook something...
he can.
you can bet i'd post a picture if that happened.

griff and i shopping yesterday
(and back on instagram now that we have new phones!)

i haven't done any baking here yet.
i can't find baking powder, baking soda
or american measuring spoons/cups.
so i thought i'd buy a packaged mix 
i found in the very small american section
of my grocery store.
i passed. 
this box cost 7 euro.
9 dollars.

the nut and olive bar at my local 
outdoor market.

i did find cornstarch!

so i was able to make beef and broccoli stir fry 
last night.
(i had plain brown rice and roasted broccoli..
still going strong on the cleanse!)

we found a cute toy store close buy.
i bought griffy some play dough.

and while he played,
i was able to sit out on my balcony
and enjoy the sun.
i love life in paris! 


  1. care package for pam, clearing languishing in paris for lack of baking:
    1. measuring cups
    2. measuring spoons
    3. baking powder
    4. baking soda

    killing me with those views, btw

  2. Loving those views especially the last one with the cup of tea and book on the sunny balcony. It's so nice that Steve does a cleanse with you. I have been trying to get my husband to do a juice cleanse with me and he originally said yes, but has yet to commit. I do my own mini cleanses when I feel like I have eaten to much. I just eat kale salads, tofu, green juices, soups etc for the week. It's nice because my kids will eat kale and tofu and they love my vegan soups. I just have to throw them some carbs or protein to make it a meal. Enjoy that sunshine :)

  3. love love love these daily glimpses into your life in paris!!

  4. When my sister-in-law lived there, we always had to bring chocolate chips, brown sugar, and jello. Good luck finding what you need.
    Love seeing your life there.

    1. yes chocolate chips! i did find brown sugar :)

  5. Beautiful. No baking powder/soda to be found? I'd be going through baking withdrawals. I think I could be consoled by those beautiful views and markets, though. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It's so much fun to open and read your blog Pam! And how cool it will be one day to look back at it and remember. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. LOVE it all!! I'm living it through you:))

  8. I have been to Paris many times and recommend these toy stores : Un deux Trois famille located near avenue suffren and another, l'oiseau de paradis I'm not sure what their exact addresses are but if you search their names on the Internet you are bound to find their addresses
    I am around Hannah's age and still enjoy these toy stores.
    Enjoy Paris!

  9. What's the smoking exposure like? I was raised overseas and miss Europe, I am wary to travel back now because I have become very sensitive to second hand smoke.

    1. the first thing we smelled when we got off the plane..cigarettes. i still can't believe how much the french smoke!