Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of school...and a peek into our flat

The kids started school last Wednesday..
one day late.
We flew into Paris early Tuesday
and Steve insisted they start the next day.
I was worried about their jet lag..
but Steve was right.
The kids rallied and had a great start to school.
Stephen is a senior..
Hannah a freshman and 
Will is in 5th grade.
The big coach bus picks them up 
around the corner and they make the 45 minute
ride (together) to the American School of Paris,
which is located outside of the city.

Griffy cried all day.
He missed them so much.

I'm so proud of these kids.
It's not easy starting over
in a new school
new country..
but they're all finding their way.
They've made friends
and are getting involved.
I think it's going to be a great school year.

Still unpacking
and trying to get organized
but here are a few pictures of our flat.
Some things I love about our flat..
the floors, the HIGH ceilings, the great amount
of space we have, the architectural details, 
the fireplaces in all the bedrooms..and the amazing location.
I'm still getting used to the noise. 
The early morning sounds of the garbage trucks...(we don't have to go to the dump anymore)...
the almost constant "WEE WAA" of the police/ambulance...

One of my favorite things about Paris 
is that we walk everywhere.
Steve has a car for work
and for weekend trips to Ikea..
but I walk everywhere.
I go to the big grocery store (Casino)
once a week to stock up on basics.
And the best thing....they deliver my 
groceries...right to my kitchen...for FREE.
Love that.


  1. Wow Pam! I can't even imagine. What an experience. I hope things will settle down now a little. It's so fun hearing about something I know I'll never do. Well, I guess I should never say never:)) I LOVE the flat.

  2. words fail me! your flat is stunning and i love the kitchen and balcony. happy to hear that you are all adjusting. enjoy every moment. xx fanci

  3. Thanks for the pictures of your beautiful family and new home, Pam. So happy the kids are doing well with school and that you have your little Griffy home to help you get settled in that beautiful flat. And very envious of those delivered groceries! Have a great day!

  4. Kids are amazing...just this morning on the Today Show they were talking about how many "firsts" kids experience and they do most always with a bravery that most of us parents take for granted...your kids are a great example of that Pam...they are brave and I KNOW you are so proud! And, I think YOU are very brave too! :)

    and the flat....I DIE!!! amazing...I want to walk everywhere, and have my groceries delivered!!!
    Love You!!

  5. I always think of the WE-WA when I dream of Paris! Your flat is amazing and how great that the kids have gotten such a great start to things. I am loving to hear all about your Paris life!

  6. I want more pictures! I want to see your street and your view outside and your bedrooms. You have a great kitchen for Paris--some of them are so tiny with Barbie appliances.
    I want pictures of the food and the store and Steve's car and . . . We are all living through you, you know that, right?

  7. Your flat is everything I would imagine about living in Paris.
    Drink it in!
    I know it has been stressful, but try to enjoy it, because the time will fly by so very fast.
    Yay for your kids! They really did rally!

  8. So glad you finally get to settle in Pam!