Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prom Weekending

Saturday night was the prom.
Stephen had a great time.
He went with the sweetest girl!

Steve and I laughed about how old we'd be
when Griffin goes to the prom.

And remember last year?
I love our towns tradition of
the red carpet.

it was born out of some tragic events.
In 1985 there were a series of deadly car accidents,
killing 6 high school students.
Since then, our community has come together
each year to keep our children safe on prom night.
It starts with a mandatory prom meeting for parents.
There is a speaker who comes to talk
with the parents and this years' was amazing.
Chris Herren spoke to the high school kids
during school. Stephen came home and said,
"Mom, you have to listen to this guys story"
He had such an effect on the kids
and the adults.
On Prom day
the kids walk down the red carpet
in front of the whole town.
Contrary to what you may think,
the walk is not to show off fancy dresses
and tux's.
It started so the kids would have to 
walk in front of the community and show
that they were going into the prom sober.
And it doesn't stop there.
The parents I know go to great lengths
to make sure their kids have fun after the prom..
but are safe.

And each year
the kids get pretty creative as to
how they arrive to the Prom.

Loved her dress!
So Mad Men!

Go carts!

The Prom theme this year
was Candy Land.

Love this!

Stephen and his date
getting ready to walk the red carpet.
 He looks so grown up.

So cute!

Hi Kassie!

Probably the last time these kids
ride a bus to school!

Love that he's holding an 
American flag

Love his look!

So pretty Kass!!

He had a great time.
His last prom here.
A bit bittersweet.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day Weekending

Red Sox..just me and Steve.
Breakfast in bed :)
Sleeping in
homemade cards

And presents

Dinner with mom and John and Jen
thanks for the tunic mom!

cookout with the cousins
running on the beach

big boy undies.
with a diaper underneath.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Right Now...

....regatta season is in full swing.

....so is baseball.

....on my nightstand.

.....my head is spinning with all that needs to be done before
this move.
I know it'll get done. We've moved so many times you'd think I could
do it in my sleep. This will be our 8th move..I think..
1. The Cape to Ft. Rucker Alabama (the day after we married)
2. Alabama to Germany (with a 3 month old)
3. Germany to Ft. Knox (with a 3 year old and a 10 day old)
4. Ft. Knox to Chadds Ford, PA (leaving the military, bought our first house, Stephen-6, Hannah- 3)
5. Chadds Ford to Mack Hill house in NH (Stephen-7, Hannah 4, Will 4 months)
6. Mack Hill house to Foundry St. house in NH (a year later)
7. NH to MA (Stephen-13, Hannah- 10, Will-6, Griffin-just conceived)
8. MA to Paris (Stephen-17, Hannah-14, Will-10, Griffin 3)

....thinking ahead to the amazing adventure our family is about to take.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I've been...

....wasting a ton of time on Pinterest.
Good Lord it's addicting.

....allowing Griffin to eat too much Nutella.
He no longer bothers to put in on the graham cracker.

....missing Steve. Again. He's been gone since last 
Wednesday. India, Dubai and the Maldives. 
Seriously? The Maldives?
He's in the air on his way home.
Probably all tan
and I'll hate him for that.
Ok..not really.

....on Facebook.
Hannah is now on it.
Which means I am too.
Wanna be my friend?

....in a bit of a conundrum.
I'm considering L'ecole maternelle 
for Griffy in the fall.
Every child starting at age 3 is eligible 
to start preschool in France...for free.
Ok. So the free part is pretty great 
but not the reason why I'm thinking about it.
Here's the breakdown..

Griffin will be fully immersed in the French culture...
the language, the socializing, the FOOD! He will eat well! 
It's free. I think I mentioned that.
It's  4 days a week..8:30-4:30
(I could be fully immersing my own self in the French culture)

It's 4 days a week..8:30-4:30..
Griffin has a hard time with me being in the next room
with out him.
He needs to be fully potty trained. (probably the deal breaker right there)

Do I wait another year
or just bite the bullet
and send him?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Paris..

A very blurry photo
but I love it.
One evening we walked over 
the pedestrian only
Pont des Arts bridge
also known as the lock bridge.
I must remember to bring a padlock with me
when we move.
To seal our love and bring us good luck

A rainy walk through the 
Jardin du Luxembourg 

Pink Vespa

Arc de Triomphe
He was taking a picture

Abercrombie and Fitch
on the Champs Elysees.

Dreaming of Paris