Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day Weekending

Red Sox..just me and Steve.
Breakfast in bed :)
Sleeping in
homemade cards

And presents

Dinner with mom and John and Jen
thanks for the tunic mom!

cookout with the cousins
running on the beach

big boy undies.
with a diaper underneath.


  1. Evie has been sporting a similar outfit. She will sit on the potty longer than any of my other kids, then jump up and 5 minutes later pee her pants. This is new for me.

    Better luck for you!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Love your new tunic. It will look fab on the streets of Par - ie.

  3. Happy Mother's Day...it looked perfect! big boy underwear over diapers is my favorite! I love the new tunic with the white jeans, tres chic!

  4. Happy Mothers Day, love your new tunic, those are SO comfortable!!!

  5. I love your shoes with your tunic! Hope you guys are doing well. That cute little Griffy-we just bought some new big boy super hero undies also.

  6. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day! You deserve it! Your new tunic is pretty and you look pretty in it. :) We were also at a baseball game over the weekend. Fun!