Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Paris..

A very blurry photo
but I love it.
One evening we walked over 
the pedestrian only
Pont des Arts bridge
also known as the lock bridge.
I must remember to bring a padlock with me
when we move.
To seal our love and bring us good luck

A rainy walk through the 
Jardin du Luxembourg 

Pink Vespa

Arc de Triomphe
He was taking a picture

Abercrombie and Fitch
on the Champs Elysees.

Dreaming of Paris


  1. all of the paris-ness of these last several posts has me all fired up - sooooo beautiful!! i owe you an email like 10x over, i've been thinking of you for so many reasons ... i'll get to it soon, i hope - would love to connect if we can!!

  2. So happy for you all!
    Dreamy indeed!

  3. picking myself up off the floor....
    oh, to be hannah ♥

  4. I am seriously in LOVE with the pic of Hannah and Grffy...she looks so CHIC and frenchy..I die! and the two models in the other photo :)...I want to be Hannah too!! :)

  5. It's almost reality Pam. Pinch yourself! Oh the tales you will have to tell. I cannot wait. Hannah and Griffy look so much at home walking along...she is already Paris chic! And...those guys...wow!

  6. Beautiful pictures Pam. What a dream! I love the bridge with the padlocks all over it too. That is so cool!

  7. So so pretty pam!
    what an adventure.
    have a happy day

  8. I think my {new} calling is to be your nanny!