Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My New Beach

back in the states,
i'd walk the beach.
here, i walk to the eiffel tower.
i try and get out for a walk
when the older kids come home 
from school.
just half hour by myself.
to clear my head before
the dinner rush.
last night i went out
at dusk.
i think it's my favorite time
of the day here in paris.

the soft lighting in the sky
and in the paris flats.

the lines out the door each 
evening at my local boulangerie.

i got to trocadero 
just as the tower was 
being lit for the night.
it's like watching
the sunset on the beach.
that sight never gets old.

bonne nuit paris.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

museum weekending

any weekend that involves a trip 
to a museum,
is a great one in my book.
this weekend we visited two.
today..steve and i snuck out
for a bit.
there was an antique fair on 
the champs elysees that 
i've been wanting to see.
it was a beautiful but very 
high end antique fair.
i bought a book.

we walked across to the 
petite palais and had a visit.

it was a quick tour
but so many beautiful pieces
of art.

the building itself is a work of art.
built for the 1900 World's Fair..
right across the street from
her big brother..
the grand palais..
which was closed today.

loved her..
carrying her baguettes.

it was a lovely visit.
and nice for steve and i 
to get out alone.

not great of will..
but it was FREEZING
and he would only pose for one.
saturday, will and i went on 
it was through his school and it
was a nice day for will and i 
to get out together.

this was such an interesting museum!
and so great to do with a tour guide.
we learned so much.
this is the original model of
the statue of liberty.

the very first camera.

this camera filmed the first 
movie projected.
did you see the movie hugo?

clement ader's bat like plane..
got off the ground 13 years before the wright brothers.

this lion and snake are made
completely out of glass.

i love weekends at a museum.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

People Watching in Paris

probably one of my most favorite 
things to do in paris.
if i had an entire day to myself here,
i'd probably find a cafe
with a great view and sit all day.
i don't even think i could focus
on reading a book.
and you all know how much i love that.

griffy and i went for a walk today.
of course we ended up at the eiffel tower.

trocadero is a great place to people watch.
there is such diversity here.
people from all over the world.
you can hear many different languages.
often times a rally is going on.
or bands playing.
or a film being shot.

i sometimes crash into people
because i'm so busy staring 
at the people sitting at the cafe's.

passing by 
le coq.
most definitely a cafe
to see and be seen.
and oh how i love the heat
so we can still sit outside.
although, i do believe that 
the french sit there to smoke.

thought i'd share my walk home 
in paris.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Soiree and Some Soup

it was a nice weekend.
plenty of sunshine,
but cold.
we walked to the playground
near the eiffel tower
and ate cotton candy.
steve and i saw ARGO
and loved it.

here is a funny story.
early last week we received 
a letter under the door.
opening it, i found
a beautifully monogrammed french
name followed by handwritten
words in french.
the only words i could
decipher were..soiree,
and samedi fevrier 16.
excited, i call steve and tell him
we've been invited to a soiree!
later that day i noticed everyone
else in the building had the same 
envelope tucked under their door.
then i started to worry.
see, we haven't really hit it off 
too well with the neighbors upstairs.
so i start to think...should we go?
will it be awkward?
i quickly dismiss those feelings and think
about buying a new cocktail dress and 
a lovely hostess gift.
as the weekend approaches,
steve takes the invite to work..
to have his french co-worker translate.
steve tells his colleague how excited his wife 
is to be invited to a soiree.
his colleague is laughing hysterically.
apparently, we aren't being invited to
the soiree.
we are being notified ahead of time
that they will be hosting a soiree for 
their son and to please excuse the noise.
you have no idea how close i was 
to going.
can you picture me knocking on the door?

i made a big pot of Smitten Kitchen's 
lentil soup this weekend.
SO good.
and SO easy.
thanks to my neighbor back
home in the states who emailed me
and told me about it.
thanks Kyle! 
miss you guys
and jealous of all the snow you've been getting!

i couldn't find swiss chard or kale
so used spinach instead.
and unless you plan on eating the 
entire pot of soup in one day..
don't add the chard/kale/spinach 
until you're ready to eat.
i am SO buying her cookbook.

i started
and finished
Someone at a Distance
this weekend..
by Dorothy Whipple.
It's one of the Persephone classics.
i can honestly say
that it's probably one of the best
books i've read.
i do have quite a few favorites 
but this one is right up there.
i have never had such strong
feelings for the characters in a book before.

i've read two of the Persephone books
so far...and looking forward to more.

happy monday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fifty Roses

on my way home from the market 
this evening,
i stopped at the flower stand.
i picked up 6 red roses..
one for each of us.
the man in front of me was 
picking up these.
i asked him..
in english..
how many there were.
he said fifty.
i said..
that is one lucky woman.
he said..
they're for my mother.
one for each year of his life.
(i'll wait while you wipe away 
the tear from your eye...)

the two colorful bunches of roses
next to the red ones were for his wife.
not too shabby either.

it got me thinking tonight..
and over dinner with my own
3 boys..
(steve is on the train home from belgium)..
i told them how important it is
to remind the women in their lives
that they are loved.
isn't that all we want?
 to know that we are loved?
ok, sure..
fifty long stem roses 
is a beautiful gesture..
but at the end of the day..
no matter what day it is..
it's the feeling that you are loved
and thought of is what matters most.

and as i was leaving with my 6 red roses..
this little boy placed his order.
maybe for his mother.

and then i ran home and 
had roses sent to my mom.
happy valentines day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Persephone and a Few Favorite Things

i need to talk about persephone books.
i've mentioned them before..
but that was before i started reading them.
i'm completely obsessed and want to 
collect all 100 persephone books.
i recently finished 
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding.
it is a quick and wonderful read.
i'm now reading 
Someone at a Distance
by Dorothy Whipple
and this one is a page turner as well.
most of the persephone books are 
wrapped in a soft gray cover.
however, the ten persephone classics
(which are sold in the us)
have beautiful covers that are
works of art.
here is the link.
you can receive their catalogue
and biannual magazine for free!

what is on your bedside table?
mine is loaded down with 
books i'm reading 
and waiting to read..
little boxes and child made heart dishes
that hold rings and pins.
my grandmothers hand mirror..
and my other grandmothers tea cup.
hand cream, candle and journal.
and of course a cup of tea.

and hanging above my table..
some of hannah's artwork.

my new tea cup 
and earl grey tea bought in london..
are a few of my favorite things right now.

another favorite thing.
reading books in bed
and eating popcorn
with this little guy
on a cold and dreary paris afternoon.