Thursday, February 7, 2013

books and oxfords

i love books.
and not just reading them.
i love decorating with them too.
books have probably been
the thing i've purchased
most since moving to paris.
i've bought some vintage books
along the seine.
i've bought plenty of coffee table
books..from our travels.
and this past weekend,
while in london,
i bought some books i've been 
meaning to read.
Me Before You by JoJo Moyes
is a must read.
my sister in law messaged me
while i was in london and told me
to pick it up.
so glad i did.
i started it on the train home and finished
by tuesday..and it's almost 500 pages!
i couldn't put it down.

a few more i picked up.
the two on top are persephone books.
i've started Cheerful Weather and i'm liking it.
this pile should get me through the winter
i'm hoping!

i love a coffee table covered in books
and magazines.
and yes..steve was away in belgium..
thus the flowers.

crappy picture but thought i'd share
my new oxfords i bought in london.
i love them and they're comfortable
(they're clarks).
do i look like michael jackson?


  1. Have you never read Jane Eyre? That book made me fall in love with time period historical fiction. Plus, I had an amazing British Lit professor who lectured so well on it, so that made it even better. Love the oxfords!

  2. I LOVE your book ideas Pam. And no you don't look like Michael Jackson, you look like a cute Paris girl! :)

  3. Cute kicks!!! I love them on you! And I love your new books.... I need to make time to read. I've had a book checked out from the library for 4 weeks now and STILL haven't made it through chapter 4!

  4. Thanks for the book recommendations, I coincidentally wrote a similar post just yesterday. New books are just what I need right now to get through today's BLIZZARD! You know you're missing it! ;)

    If you get a chance, check out Ann Leary's new book The Good House (she's comedian Denis Leary's wife). It's set on the North Shore and you'll get a kick out of the landmarks -- know you're a South Shore girl (!) but you'll still connect with it.

  5. you look nothing like Michael Jackson...Love the new shoes..... and I love books too...they are stacked everywhere...even in my children's rooms!

  6. Pam, Love the new shoes, you could not wear them better young lady. :-)
    I just want to sit in your living room and have a cup of coffee or tea and relax with one of your books.
    Also, You just reminded me, I need to pick up tulips at TJs today. xoxoxo

  7. Im in love with your cozy living room, that view, your books displayed so artfully on the coffee table, that pop of color in your great bag and your oxfords. This is a win, win, win post! :)

  8. Pam- love your new shoes. So cute and stylish. I was trying to find them on the Clarks USA sight but couldn't figure out which one they were. Is there a more specific name? Thanks so much.