Thursday, February 21, 2013

People Watching in Paris

probably one of my most favorite 
things to do in paris.
if i had an entire day to myself here,
i'd probably find a cafe
with a great view and sit all day.
i don't even think i could focus
on reading a book.
and you all know how much i love that.

griffy and i went for a walk today.
of course we ended up at the eiffel tower.

trocadero is a great place to people watch.
there is such diversity here.
people from all over the world.
you can hear many different languages.
often times a rally is going on.
or bands playing.
or a film being shot.

i sometimes crash into people
because i'm so busy staring 
at the people sitting at the cafe's.

passing by 
le coq.
most definitely a cafe
to see and be seen.
and oh how i love the heat
so we can still sit outside.
although, i do believe that 
the french sit there to smoke.

thought i'd share my walk home 
in paris.


  1. Lovely! Thank you for sharing! Oh how I do love to people watch! Have a wonderful day!!

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  3. I LOVE seeing Paris through your eyes. Thank you for sharing your days with us! xo

  4. Thanks for the stylish stroll...I loved it!

  5. One of my things to do me great ideas to write about. :)

  6. so fun....thank you for sharing!

  7. omg - you are hilarious with your mad paparazzi skills.
    can't wait to people watch with you!!!!

  8. People watching...One of my favorite things!

  9. Stumbled on your blog a few months ago.
    Lovely God-loving, all-american family.
    Beautiful children. Gorgeous pics of a foreign city.
    What's not to love?
    Thanks for the entertainment.

    ~a reader from Texas :)

  10. Wonderful captured motives. The peoples in the cafe reflect the life style of Paris.

  11. Great shots Pam.
    You really captured "a day in the life of Paris" well!

  12. Love this Pam. I am a big people watcher as well. Oh how I'd love to do it with you in Paris! Awesome shots here!

  13. and I am so glad you did. Love to people watch!