Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fifty Roses

on my way home from the market 
this evening,
i stopped at the flower stand.
i picked up 6 red roses..
one for each of us.
the man in front of me was 
picking up these.
i asked him..
in english..
how many there were.
he said fifty.
i said..
that is one lucky woman.
he said..
they're for my mother.
one for each year of his life.
(i'll wait while you wipe away 
the tear from your eye...)

the two colorful bunches of roses
next to the red ones were for his wife.
not too shabby either.

it got me thinking tonight..
and over dinner with my own
3 boys..
(steve is on the train home from belgium)..
i told them how important it is
to remind the women in their lives
that they are loved.
isn't that all we want?
 to know that we are loved?
ok, sure..
fifty long stem roses 
is a beautiful gesture..
but at the end of the day..
no matter what day it is..
it's the feeling that you are loved
and thought of is what matters most.

and as i was leaving with my 6 red roses..
this little boy placed his order.
maybe for his mother.

and then i ran home and 
had roses sent to my mom.
happy valentines day!


  1. What a great story. If all your boys grow up to do the same, there will be a lot of roses in your future! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Beautiful.... The post, the pictures and the sentiment. I hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day, Pam. xo

  3. OH my... I'm glad no one is in the room with me... yes I'm misty eyed and sniffling! Now to go back to cleaning up the mess from making rice crispie hedge hogs... because my "boys" love peanut butter rice crispy treats and hedge hogs. a win win as far as I'm concerned! just a little valentine for them.

  4. What a wonderful post for today..Thank you Pam. Not only did you brighten your Mom's day...but all of ours!....Janey

  5. Wonderful post Pam...and the great photos tell a story. Thank you! xoxoxo

  6. Such a great story. I've always told my ( now 23 year old) daughter to look for a man who has a good relationship with his mother. It tells you a lot about how he feels about and treats women! Hope your Valentine's Day was special. xoxo

  7. best valentine post ever! happy valentines day! ~tara

  8. Beautiful post. So touching. Nice to think of that man's mother receiving all of those roses. She must have been blown away. I did not send anything to my mom - feeling a little bad about that now. I will make a point of thinking of that next year. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love this post..such beautiful roses too :) the last photo is so sweet
    I recently just found your blog and really like it so far! really jealous of your life in Paris!

  10. Oh Pam that story is so sweet. And those roses are gorgeous.

  11. oh my melty sappy this story!

  12. I am the mom who received the magnificent roses on Valentines Day from a great daughter! I love the photos, the sentiment, and my daughter very much! Loving those in our lives, and telling them every day is a wonderful thing.
    Thank you again, Pam!

  13. love this post Pam! Hope you enjoyed the week...
    Em wanted to be sure I read /saw this after I blogged about Peter mailing me a mushy valentine note!
    Love that you got 6 roses for your family, and loved that you captured some snaps!!

  14. Sometimes one rose can say it all and sometimes 50 can do it! Your story is full of meaning and beauty.
    Thank you for expressing it all in such a heart touching way, Pam!
    I send you a shower of rose petals*~*~*~*~*~*~