Wednesday, February 6, 2013

london calling

where to begin!
first by saying 
that i think everyone
should travel alone..
or at least dine alone,
see a movie alone..
just once.

i mentioned before that 
i am never alone.
and while alone
all weekend 
i found out a few things about myself.
one is that i talk to myself!

the train ride friday evening
into london was lovely.
i hate to fly so this was a
great option for me.
i stayed at the marriott grovesner house
on hyde park.
it was a great hotel
and perfectly located.

i woke early saturday
and quickly decided that
instead of lounging, reading and 
getting pampered..
i'd much prefer to see london.
so with map in hand,
off i walked. 
and walked.
buckingham palace..
through st. james park..
to the thames river,
big ben and westminster abbey.

queen victoria

big ben

horse guards

the london eye

one of my favorite sites of the weekend
was westminster abbey.
i had the official tour and learned
so much.
no photographs inside the church
was a bummer..
but i was able to focus on the commentary.

from there i walked to 
trafalger square and then on to picadilly.
i spent many hours and british pounds
at waterstones bookstore.
i had lunch in their cafe
and bought some books
i've been wanting to read..
Dickens'..David Copperfield and 
Dombey and Sons.
Jane Austens..Mansfield Park.
Charlotte Bronte's..Jane Eyre.
I also bought a few 
I was happy to learn that they were
sold not just in the Persephone bookstore
in London..

i loved walking around fortnum & mason.
i bought all things tea!

by late afternoon
i started making my way back
to the hotel..
through some quaint residential streets.
i needed to get back to get ready for

les mis!
you know my love of les mis!
seeing it in london was a dream.
at the queens theatre!

great seats!
easy to get a last minute
up close seat when you only
need one!

sunday morning..
i walked to the victoria and albert 
i spent hours there.

one of my favorite exhibits 
was fashion through the years.
the late 1800's to present..

i had a lovely lunch at the museum
and then started my walk back.


love the coats and hats
on the bellmen.

i had a few hours to kill
before my train
so i stopped to have
high tea.
what a treat!

and what a weekend.
i'm so glad i did it.
not only do i feel rested
but confident!


  1. Lovely, pictures....what a wonderful weekend. You are absolutely right about doing something just once....I will think of something too. I am now inspired.

  2. I'm so happy for you and lived a little vicariously through you with those wonderful photos. I'd love love love to do that some day...London is the first place overseas I'd like to visit.

  3. You packed in so much goodness! Really, you hit most everything that would be on my list too.
    So glad you did it, and enjoyed it!

  4. pam....your pics are wonderful. brings me right back and wanting to go again tomorrow! never got to go to the theater, but my parents have and they said there is nothing like it. welcome back and so happy you have another check on your life list! ps i've already pinned some pics to my town and country board.

    xo fanci

  5. Oh London is amazing! I am so happy you enjoyed your time away all alone. I haven't taken a trip alone, but I enjoy eating out and going to the movies by myself. Now you have inspired me to take a trip! Your pictures are were a busy lady!

  6. Nice pics..wish i can also travel and have a great weekend like yours.

    kitchen sink

  7. What a memory and what a perfect weekend! I love the tea! You should make it annual!

  8. That is amazing! I can't even imagine doing that. You have made me want to go for it someday! Good for you!!!

  9. It has been too long since I have been in London! What an amazing time you had.

  10. I can feel London right now.

    Funny story. When we went to London, Ben was less than a year old, and he was squalling as we began our Westminster tour. A kind guard asked me delicately, "Do you feed him . . . uh . . . yourself?" When I replied yes, he escorted me into a private chapel off to the side where I could nurse him in private. What a fun memory. Glad you empowered yourself this weekend. Loved the clothes at V&A--next time British Museum!

  11. Aaah! My favorite gallery at the V&A and my favorite Musical. I'm quite jealous. So glad you had a good time.

  12. Such beautiful pictures! What an amazing weekend just for you.

  13. i am picturing you walking all over london with a BIG BEAUTIFUL SMILE.
    what a treat!!

  14. thank you for the details :) what a wonderful weekend! Your pics are wonderful...feel like I was tagging along!!
    You know what??? I talk to myself too!! Sometimes I catch myself and think "oh no, I hope there wasn't anyone around and heard me" or "was I just talking to myself while pushing the cart through Target??" It's from ALL the time that I always shop with a child or two or three...I too am rarely alone!!

  15. So cool! It sounds like just what you needed.

  16. I just knew you would have a wonderful time...thank you for sharing your pictures...

  17. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  18. So cool!!! You brave girl:)) I don't know if I could have done it!

  19. Wonderful photos!! I felt like I was there with you while looking at them. London is a definite bucket list item. I'm so happy that you took some alone time for YOU. It looks like you had an amazing weekend - jam packed with goodness. Uhhhh..... I talk to myself, too. And I don't have the excuse of having kids around and never being alone!

  20. I do so much by myself I really don't think about it much. But I do notice "the looks" from people who do notice. Your pictures are great...think I'll have a cup of tea too! xoxo D