Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Persephone and a Few Favorite Things

i need to talk about persephone books.
i've mentioned them before..
but that was before i started reading them.
i'm completely obsessed and want to 
collect all 100 persephone books.
i recently finished 
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding.
it is a quick and wonderful read.
i'm now reading 
Someone at a Distance
by Dorothy Whipple
and this one is a page turner as well.
most of the persephone books are 
wrapped in a soft gray cover.
however, the ten persephone classics
(which are sold in the us)
have beautiful covers that are
works of art.
here is the link.
you can receive their catalogue
and biannual magazine for free!

what is on your bedside table?
mine is loaded down with 
books i'm reading 
and waiting to read..
little boxes and child made heart dishes
that hold rings and pins.
my grandmothers hand mirror..
and my other grandmothers tea cup.
hand cream, candle and journal.
and of course a cup of tea.

and hanging above my table..
some of hannah's artwork.

my new tea cup 
and earl grey tea bought in london..
are a few of my favorite things right now.

another favorite thing.
reading books in bed
and eating popcorn
with this little guy
on a cold and dreary paris afternoon.


  1. ◄-l-o-v-e-►
    your bedside table is divine.
    what about lip balm? i've gotta have that.

  2. p.s. just signed up to receive the persephone catalog ~ thanks, pam! ♥

  3. Your bedside table looks a lot like mine. All of my favorite things.
    I just signed up for the persephone catalog - looking forward to receiving it, in the meantime I will have fun looking at the website. Thanks!

  4. I am now a little obsessed with Persephone books now too..can't believe I owned one and didn't know it :) You are inspiring me with your bedside table..mine is a mess right now! Remember Tracy's video of her bedside table...LOVED it!! and I would have just bought that tea for the tin (maybe you did too!)

  5. Signed up too and just received delivery for two from Amazon. I love the covers so much! Your bedside table look so good and I am with Dawn on the tea tin. Love it!

  6. Too much goodness in one post! I love the shot of your bedside table...I too have stacks of books but I am going to check out that link for Persephone books. I have been known to buy a book based on the cover! Love your new teacup from London. I almost bought a teapot there last winter, and am still regretting that I didn't. Enjoy your sweet boy and that bowl of popcorn!

  7. I am vicariously living my life here through you and now you've opened my eyes to yet another new sight...persephone books. I've sent for the catalog. They look wonderful. Please keep up your book talks and reviews. I love blogs that include and encourage good reading! I also love blogs where I can pretend I'm in Paris!

  8. That little guy is adorable! You are such a great mom and wife.