Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Katey Kontent

So one week down
and no pounds lost
on my clean eating plan.
I've been living on fruit, veggies and nuts
with the occasional piece of chicken/fish.
I've had no sweets, pasta, bread, cereal (except my bowl of 
steel cut oatmeal in the morning).
Saturday night we did go out
with our good friends Dave and Kerry :)
to Alma Nove...
but  I cheated only by eating the risotto 
served underneath my striped bass.

I am craving pasta
so I think I'll be 
over the weekend.

And I love the new Method scent
for Spring!
Maybe I'll do some cleaning

The book I'm reading right now.
Rules of Civility.
My friend at my local bookstore
said if I liked The Paris Wife
I'd love this book too.
The main characters name
is Katey Kontent.
And her name fits her
so well.
So, after a trip to Target and Trader Joes,
and Griffy down for a nap..
I'm going to curl up on the couch
with my tea and my book
and watch the snowfall.
Forget the cleaning.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heart Therapy and Clean Food

I found this idea on Meg's blog
I could have sat there all day
with my tea
painting hearts.

For Lent I gave up
all processed foods.
I'm eating only clean 
whole foods.
I bought this book
a while back.
I made this Goodness Soup
I love the name.
And I've never cooked with kombu
It's good
and filling.
I think I'll be using this 
cookbook a lot.

The kids are on vacation this week.
We went to the Vineyard for a few days
to visit my mom
and my sister and her kids.
We always have so much fun!
Hannah had a doctors appointment
at Children's yesterday and one tomorrow.
That's it.
Exciting stuff huh?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I can't stop singing this song

Aren't homemade Valentine's the best?

This year I followed this tutorial and sewed paper valentines.
But then of course I couldn't just stop there.
The glitter and the glue gun had to add their magic.

And like every year I made this cheesecake for Steve.

We don't go to the movies a lot
but this past weekend The Artist 
was playing at my favorite theatre 
and it's nominated for so many awards
I begged Steve to see it with me.
I think Steve fell asleep for a few minutes.
It was just so different and such a great story.
And what's not to love about the clothes
during the late 1920's?

We also rented Moneyball over the weekend.
I'm not a big Brad Pitt fan
but I really liked this movie too.
Especially this part...

Hannah and I are obsessed with this song now.
Try not to sing along.
I bet you can't.

Yesterday we are at Children's hospital all day.
Meeting up with a whole team of doctors.
It really was a good day.
Hannah has responded so well to her treatment..
she's gained 10 pounds!

I made Panera bread's
Broccoli Cheddar soup for dinner last night
in bread bowls.

Here is the link to the broccoli cheddar soup!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lately and Today..(today meaning yesterday)

Lately...I've been addicted to this tea. Stash's Lemon Ginger. I have my one cup of coffee in the morning and then drink this all day long.

Today..Friday..the kids have their piano lessons. We have a teacher that comes to the house. His name is Jesse..he's about 25...drives a beefed up Mustang that we can hear coming from miles away...and has tattoos. He's also a dj.    Seriously, he's a great teacher.

Lately...I've been catching up on a million past episodes of Mad Men and Parenthood. Well, not really a million..but I watched 52 episodes of Made Men and 35 episodes of Parenthood. Late at night on the ipad with my earbuds.  I think I have a problem.

Today...I've been looking forward to date night. 

 Lately...I've been putting off calling my doctor. The backing to one of my earrings has basically become part of my earlobe. I've lost a couple of earrings in the past and now I'm freaked out that I'll lose another so I screw on the backing so tight that I can't get it off. Not looking forward to this at all. was 50 degrees and sunny. Will had a "personal day" from school. So we went to the play ground. He and Griffin played outside all afternoon. Tomorrow we're expecting snow!

Lately...I've been dreaming of gardening. I have two raised beds in the yard and really want to add more this year. I'm thinking hard about starting some from seeds.  Maybe I'm way over my head. 

And night. 
Happy Weekending!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The New Us

For almost a year now, Hannah has been sick.
We've been back and forth to the pediatrician,
x-rays, blood tests, missing school here and there.
In December she started getting sicker, losing weight.
Back to the pediatrician.
He called later that day to say he thought she had an eating disorder,
We were floored.
We started staring at her while she ate
spying on her outside the bathroom door.
In my gut, I knew it wasn't the right diagnosis.
I came right out and asked her one day,
"do you throw up?"
Her response was, "mom, I haven't thrown up in 9 years"
I believed her.
After pulling her from the last few Nutcracker recitals
due to extreme weight loss and fatigue and stomach aches,
we made more appointments.
This time with specialists..
not only with the eating disorder team for adolescents
but with a GI specialist.
After seeing the GI doctor
we canceled the other appointments.
January brought trips to the hospital for
blood work
more and more blood work
and ultimately
an endoscopy/colonoscopy.
Biopsies confirmed it is
Crohn's disease.

I'm very familiar with Crohn's disease as my sister has been living with it for 20 years.
She has been such a great source of information and support for us.

So, now we know.
And knowing is a relief but still, we worry.
It's a different kind of worry now though.
No longer the "what if it's this or what if it's that"
But the worry of knowing that this is a lifelong disease.
With no known cure..

And so I read.
Everything I can on this disease.
Waking Steve at night to talk about prednisone, and 6MP, and side effects..
and probiotics and naturopathic doctors.
We join and learn about support groups and fundraisers.
I alter our diet.

I'm so thankful to live where I live.
Boston's Children Hospital is an amazing place.
I was moved to tears the day I was there for Hannah's procedure.
Sitting in the cafeteria,
drinking my tea..waiting,
I looked around to see so many sick little children.
But, ironically, it was a happy place.
There were
clowns walking around playing the banjo,
colorful displays and aquariums.
And smiles.
Everyone was smiling.
Not just the doctors and nurses that we met,
but the janitor we met on the elevator,
the cashier at the cafeteria,
and the police officer that let us take Hannah in her wheelchair
to the Bertucci's across the street for dinner.
And then he gave us his cell phone number in case we needed
his help when we were finished eating.

I'm so thankful to live in this time.
Where information and help is all around me.
Whenever I want it.

I'm so thankful for the family and close friends in our life.
Your thoughts and prayers,
and cupcakes and flowers,
and sweet gifts
and shopping sprees :)
have been so appreciated.

Hannah is back to school
She missed about 3 weeks.
She is getting healthy.
She keeps a food diary and takes her meds.
I'm so proud of her.

This is the new us.
And it's going to be ok.