Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heart Therapy and Clean Food

I found this idea on Meg's blog
I could have sat there all day
with my tea
painting hearts.

For Lent I gave up
all processed foods.
I'm eating only clean 
whole foods.
I bought this book
a while back.
I made this Goodness Soup
I love the name.
And I've never cooked with kombu
It's good
and filling.
I think I'll be using this 
cookbook a lot.

The kids are on vacation this week.
We went to the Vineyard for a few days
to visit my mom
and my sister and her kids.
We always have so much fun!
Hannah had a doctors appointment
at Children's yesterday and one tomorrow.
That's it.
Exciting stuff huh?


  1. The soup looks delish! I love reading about your days with Griffin at home. Glad you had snow. We are still waiting for ours...and it is 73 degrees today.

  2. I just ate my third donut for the day. . .my giving up coffee is making me crave sweets. . . Giving up processed foods is impressive! Way to go!

  3. wow, no processed foods for 40 days?! i'm incredibly impressed - you're sure to be a whole new person!! definitely curious to hear about hannah's new routine, not to mention your journey ... so comforted to know that children's is doing so well by you - who is the doc? we've been at mass general's pediatric GI unit for about 3 years, but i'm always doing my homework ;-)

  4. That soup looks yummy. I have read on many blogs how they are giving up processed foods. I am trying to cut back but I have to say that it is VERY hard and I do not thing I can go all the way.

  5. Those hearts are cute. I think I could sit and paint those for hours too. The name of that soup sounds so neat. I think I would make it just for the name. Have a good weekend!

  6. So cute. I need to give up processed foods again. Since teaching, it's been easy to grab a bar for breakfast and lunch. It's been too easy to be lazy about it. I'm catching up in blogland, and so thankful the you have some answers for Hannah- and that she's responding well to the treatment. We've had a fall and winter of Doctors visits too with Sofi. She's been diagnosed with absence seizures- basically a childhood form of Epilepsy. I've gone through all the emotions..from thinking I was crazy last Winter when I first noticed it. We're still not seizure free, but she is doing so much better. I forget about them on many a day...until it's time for a dose of meds. Hugs to you sweet Pam!

  7. You are strong! Giving up all processed foods. Wish I had the strength.

    And I thought I pretty much knew what most ingredients were, but you've got me stumped. What is kombu?

    Thinking of you and Hannah! Hope the appt goes well.