Thursday, February 16, 2012

I can't stop singing this song

Aren't homemade Valentine's the best?

This year I followed this tutorial and sewed paper valentines.
But then of course I couldn't just stop there.
The glitter and the glue gun had to add their magic.

And like every year I made this cheesecake for Steve.

We don't go to the movies a lot
but this past weekend The Artist 
was playing at my favorite theatre 
and it's nominated for so many awards
I begged Steve to see it with me.
I think Steve fell asleep for a few minutes.
It was just so different and such a great story.
And what's not to love about the clothes
during the late 1920's?

We also rented Moneyball over the weekend.
I'm not a big Brad Pitt fan
but I really liked this movie too.
Especially this part...

Hannah and I are obsessed with this song now.
Try not to sing along.
I bet you can't.

Yesterday we are at Children's hospital all day.
Meeting up with a whole team of doctors.
It really was a good day.
Hannah has responded so well to her treatment..
she's gained 10 pounds!

I made Panera bread's
Broccoli Cheddar soup for dinner last night
in bread bowls.

Here is the link to the broccoli cheddar soup!


  1. I want to come over and eat all of those yummy things you are making! So glad to hear that the appointments went well and Hannah is doing great!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that Hannah has gained weight, and is doing well! That is such great news.

    Kevin has a cold and I was just thinking this morning of what soup I can make tonight. I'm making broccoli cheddar now. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Yes, homemade Valentine's are the best!

  3. SO glad Hannah doing so well. . .love all your Valentines!

  4. That cheesecake looks awesome! and that soup looks great!! I am so happy to hear Hannah has gained weight and is doing well!

  5. So glad your daughter is doing better. I absolutely love your blog and the recipes/books you share.

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  7. SO happy that Hannah's doing well and gained 10 pounds! WOW!! Will continue to pray...

    I saw The Artist with a couple of girlfriends a couple of weeks ago - LOVED it, too!!! I doubt if Steve was alone. I know that my hubby would have dozed off during it if he'd gone along with me.:-)

  8. We are going to try to see the Artist this weekend. Have been wanting to see it for a while now. Can't wait!
    I'm thrilled to hear about Hannah's weight gain!!!!

  9. I love your Valentines! So pretty! So glad that Hannah is feeling better and doing well. Have a great weekend, tara

  10. Oh wow, Pam! I just read back over your last few posts. I had no idea about Hannah! I'm so happy to hear that she is responding so well to her treatments. What a relief! Your Valentine's party looks so festive and fun. :) We will be having ours tomorrow when BSD gets home. I've been wanting to see Moneyball. Glad to hear you liked it. I haven't heard of the Artist. I'll have to check out what it's about.

    And...looking back I see you have "Perfectly Imperfect Home" too. What do you think? :)

  11. wow - 10 lbs - sooo curious what the diet is that got you there, my oldest could really use it right now :) if that soup and cheesecake are a part of it, bring it on!!