Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Katey Kontent

So one week down
and no pounds lost
on my clean eating plan.
I've been living on fruit, veggies and nuts
with the occasional piece of chicken/fish.
I've had no sweets, pasta, bread, cereal (except my bowl of 
steel cut oatmeal in the morning).
Saturday night we did go out
with our good friends Dave and Kerry :)
to Alma Nove...
but  I cheated only by eating the risotto 
served underneath my striped bass.

I am craving pasta
so I think I'll be 
over the weekend.

And I love the new Method scent
for Spring!
Maybe I'll do some cleaning

The book I'm reading right now.
Rules of Civility.
My friend at my local bookstore
said if I liked The Paris Wife
I'd love this book too.
The main characters name
is Katey Kontent.
And her name fits her
so well.
So, after a trip to Target and Trader Joes,
and Griffy down for a nap..
I'm going to curl up on the couch
with my tea and my book
and watch the snowfall.
Forget the cleaning.


  1. i am downloading that book right now. I loved the Paris Wife.

  2. You go Pam!! (i say as i eat a handful of m&m's!!) living with an amazng cook has it's disadvantages!!:)
    no snow here.
    sunny and 60!
    have a happy day

  3. hi pam - i can't wait to hear your review of the book ... i've got one at the moment, but always looking to add to my wait-list ;-) and UGH the snow?!! i'm so over it and it's barely a dusting up here so far ... thought we were gonna get by with a no-snow winter!!

  4. I am LOVING Rules of Civility right now!! and I loved The Paris Wife too...just picked up A Moveable Feast, and I know I am going to like reading Ernest's side of that same time :) I will have to check out the new Method scent...and Yay for clean eating!!

  5. Sounds like a nice afternoon of relaxing...enjoy!

  6. I loved Rules of Civility!!! Felt like I was watching an old movie. Interesting story with nods to great literature.

  7. I want that new Method cleaner! And, I'd love some of your homemade pasta when you make it. I've only had fresh pasta a few times, and it's the best. Pretty tulips!