Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I flew to NYC in 
January for a long
weekend to celebrate
my mom's birthday.
 It was a quick but very fun
weekend with my sister Jen,
my brother John 
and mom.
(we missed you David!)

My flight was delayed 
coming into JFK
so Thursday night 
we just had a quick dinner
at the hotel.

Friday was a fun
filled day!

We started with a trip down
to the 9/11 memorial.
It was a sunny and bitter cold
so glad we went.

From there we went back 
up town and had a
fantastic lunch at 
Fred's at Barney's.
Delicious food,
great service,
and fun people watching..
(I forget how loud we Americans
can be :)

Later we had dinner
at Bobby Flay's 
Bar Americain..
more good food
and lots of laughs.

Then it was off to
see Beautiful!
The musical about 
Carol King..
What a great show!!

John and I
had breakfast together
the next morning while
mom slept in.
It was so nice to spend
that time with them.

They headed 
home that morning..

..and I was lucky to have
one more day and night
in the city...

A day spent shopping
and visiting the 
Matisse cut out exhibit
at the MOMA..
and stocking up at 
Whole foods!
And breakfast in bed...
and a facial.

It was a fabulous trip..
thanks to Steve for making 
it happen and holding 
down the fort back here in Paris!

We've all been sick with the flu
for a few days.
This past weekend we stayed in 
pajamas and ate soup,
watched movies
and read books.

I read my first ever
I was too sick to go to the 
so I downloaded
The Girl on the Train 
on my ipad.
LOVED the book..
reading on the ipad..
not so much.
However, after finishing
Girl on the Train in a day..
I found myself downloading
Big Little Lies.
LOVED that one too!

And today I bought 
The Boston Girl.
I guess I don't mind 
reading on the ipad 
that much.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Breakfast in America

the lighting was so 
beautiful last night as the 
sun went down..

the gold dome of Les Invalides
reflects the sun light perfectly.

this one was taken early one 
we had a dusting of snow and the 
kids asked if school was canceled.

wednesdays are half days 
for griffin.
every first wednesday of 
the month..
there is no school!

yesterday we had a date with 
our friends Oona and her mom Anna.
Oona and Griff are good friends..
and we love spending time with them.

we started our day
over in the 5th 
near the Pantheon at 
Breakfast in America.
yummy, greasy diner food.
pancakes and bacon
and Obama milkshakes
(chocolate and peanut butter).

i don't usually crave American food
but when i do..
this is the place to go.
i even had real mayo on my blt.

from BIA
we walked to Shakespeare & Company.
although it was a bright sunny day..
it was bitter cold.

we let the kids run around in
this little garden next to the Seine
and Notre Dame.
i still pinch myself that i live here.

time to get out of the cold
and into the bookstore!

we love sitting here!
visiting this bookstore is a must
if you're in Paris.

we brought home a few books.
i fell in love with this sweet book
about Paris by
Gloria Fowler and 
beautifully illustrated by
Min Heo.

i just love that they
stamp your books.

we also picked up this 
book set by 
Julia Donaldson and 
Axel Scheffler.
we've been a fan of 
The Gruffalo for a while.
we've brought it home from the library
and have watched the sweet little movie
on netflix.
we were happy to find The Gruffalo's Child too!

we are looking forward to the weekend!
steve is flying home tomorrow 
after a long week in LA.
today i'm off to have lunch with 
some friends and 
start my french class!!

a bientot!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Catching Up

A little bit of what we've been up 

Stephen came and went..
(won't see that handsome face until
May 7th..thank goodness for skype
and face time)

Griffy waving goodbye to Oona..
we take opposite trains home.

We had our 21st wedding anniversary..
Love you!


Steve and I went to see 
An American in Paris..
it's coming to New York this spring!

I cooked..
a lot!
And it was so nice to set the table
for 6.

Played many games of 
Griffin is quite good!

Enjoyed the Christmas lights
in Paris..
(along the Champs Elysees..
taken with iphone)

Practiced riding our new bike...

Enjoyed lots and lots of family time..

and some fabulous dinners out.

Celebrated Steve's 48th!

I flew to New York for 
a long weekend!

Happy Birthday mom!

Thought of my little cottage
during the big snowstorm back
home in New England...

Met some friends at my new
favorite tea house in the 6th!

Started reading again now that I'm caught up
with Dowton Abbey.

Organized my kitchen shelf today
after Steve left for L.A for the week..
At least one of us will be able
to cheer on our 

Bought a Chemex!

And spent a lot of time 
praying for Peace.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


first of all..
let me say thank you
to all who've left comments
and sent emails inquiring of
my whereabouts.
and i'm sorry too i guess!
(to those of you i've offended..yikes!)
truth be told
i just haven't felt like blogging.
griffin was home sick quite a bit..
and hannah had some health issues
with her Crohn's..
and then stephen came home from college..
and the holidays..
and then i flew to new york..
and netflix came to france so i've spent
watching seasons 1-5 of 
Downton Abbey!
and there you have it!

i don't plan on giving up my blog.
but i have thought about making it private.
i don't know.

it's been a sad and scary time 
here in Paris.
I admit I've been taking cabs
more than usual instead of riding the metro..
we're staying home a bit more..
and for the first time ever since 
moving here 2 and 1/2 years ago..
i felt unsafe.

i do hope you all
have had a wonderful 
holiday season.
and thank you
for reading..

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Homesick Today

(view from the top
of the ferris wheel..
the best view of Paris,
in my opinion!)

Paris is home.
It's been home for 3 
Thanksgivings now.
always on this day..
I want my American home.

I am homesick.
For family and friends.
For traditions
old and new.
For familiarity.

And for an oven
big enough to cook
my French turkey in.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hannah's Soccer ISST's and Other Stuff

A few weeks ago
I went to Munich to 
help cheer on Hannah's soccer
team at ISST's.
...Hannah has never played soccer
before. The team needed bodies
this season and she joined!
It was so fun for her..
and for me..
to watch her out there with her friends.
Paris came in 4th out of 8 teams
from all over Europe.

The first two days were 
freezing and we actually had

The International school of Munich
hosted this years girls soccer tournament..
and the girls were housed by some
very generous parents of those students.

So..some of the traveling
moms got to stay in a hotel
in Starnberg and make a weekend 
out of it!

It was cold but the foliage
along the lake was beautiful.

This reminded me of
Stephen's rowing days
in New England.

Taken at the ceremony at the end
of the tournament before 
our flight home.
A great weekend!

I never have my good camera
with me anymore!
I was picking up our daily
baguette at my local boulangerie
recently and this sweet lady was 
in front of me picking up hers.
I love that she let me take her picture.

Wednesdays are half days for 
Griff and his little friend Oona
at their school.
Oona and her mom Anna invited us
to go have Korean food with them
Griff and I had such fun with them
and loved Korean food!
Can't wait to go again!

More random iphone pics..
sporting my new gorgeous gray
wrap/scarf from  Cat at Sunday Brocante.

Had to stop to take a picture
of the foliage along the Champs du mars
during my run..

Visited the flea market this 
past Sunday with a few friends...
even second hand, that
Birkin bag is too pricey.
But man I didn't want to
take it off my wrist!

My goal this trip to the market was 
to find a coffee table.
I really loved this one..
with a fitted piece of glass over the top..
But I ended up with this one..

...it's just what I had in mind.
And, I got a great price!
Nothing better than a day
at the flea market.

Griff's been home sick for a few
Sore throats and bad coughs going 
The weather has been dreary
and gray and cool.
Perfect Paris weather in my opinion.

Happy Thanksgiving week!