Monday, October 1, 2018

Friday, February 24, 2017

Summer and birthdays

Finally posting last summer..
it's almost next summer!

We had another 
awesome summer on
the Vineyard!

My sister Jen and my niece..
we love spending time with them!

(back in Paris)
Griff turned 7!!!

(on the Vineyard)
Hannah turned 18!!

(also on the Vineyard)
Will turned 14!

Some cousins missing..
already looking forward
to another fun summer with

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The French Riviera

After graduation we flew to 
the South of France! 
Our last trip while living in

We rented a house in
Saint Raphael.

Not a bad place to
call home for a week 
while we toured the 
French Riviera!

It was a great week of relaxing by
the pool and 
traveling up and down the coast.

Saint Tropez harbor..
mega yachts and 
mega shopping!

Colorful alley's strung with 
flags and shutters..

and cute little boys in 
french stripes!

Hannah wasn't with us this trip.
She wanted to stay back in Paris
and spend her last week with her
We missed her!

A great day
in St. Tropez!

Another day was spent
driving up to Monaco and 
Monte Carlo!

On the drive home
we made quick stops in
Cap d'ail,
Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat,

And then a day in 

It was a great way to 
spend our last week
in France!

I still miss it 
every day!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hannah's Prom and Graduation

Finally getting around to
post pictures of Hannah's prom
and high school graduation!

So proud of you Hannah!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hello from SoCal!

Wow it's been a while
since I've been here.
we've all had a more difficult
time repatriating than we did
moving to France.
We miss it every day..
we're settling in and enjoying
SoCal life and weather!

New Years day we flew to
Hawaii and spent a week
island hopping and 
celebrating Steve's big

Thank you to those of
you that have sent emails and 
messages asking about us.
I'm hoping to get back here more.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Au Revoir Paris

(photo taken 4 years ago!)

Tomorrow I leave Paris
with the kids.
We fly to Boston and then
on to Martha's Vineyard for the 
summer and then
we head to California 
for the start of another school year.

I am so very thankful to have called
Paris home for 4 years.
I am thankful for the travel 
and the cultural experiences we've had.
I'm thankful for the friends we've made 
along the way.

 I'm thankful most for 
my children who have embraced
this lifestyle we've chosen.
I am so proud of how they've 
handled all the changes we've 
thrown at them..
I know these experiences will 
only enrich their lives
as they continue to grow
and start lives of their own.

And I'm thankful for 
my husband.
we wouldn't be here if it weren't 
for your hard work.
I'm thankful we share the same
appetite for travel and new 

I am sad to leave Paris..
there is no doubt about that..
and I've thought about all the things 
I'll miss.
Too many to list!
I know it's time for the 
next adventure and more
new experiences and new 
people to meet.

merci Paris
for giving us the most
amazing 4 years!
Au revoir et a bientot!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

April Vacation!

the past month and a half
has been crazy!
For over two weeks now
I've been laid up with 
a pinched nerve that has caused
severe pain and limited mobility.
I'm finally healing..with the help
of traction, anti-inflammatory's
and a lot of help from my family.

Enough of that!

The kids have two weeks off in 
Hannah went to Romania with
her Habitat for Humanity club..

So proud of you 

Steve and I took the two 
boys on a whirlwind trip of
Southwest/central France.

We flew into Bordeaux to maximize 
our time.
We rented a car and drove straight to
Saint Emilion.

We spent 3 days here..
eating and drinking delicious wine
and even took a wine tour!

From Saint Emilion
we drove a few hours inland
to the Dordogne region.

We stayed in the 
charming town
of Sarlat-la-Caneda
and for the next few days
drove all around
the scenic towns of 

We visited castles
and took a boat tour
along the river.

And after three glorious 
days in Dordogne..
we drove about 3 hours
west back towards the coast.

We made a stop at the biggest
sand dune in Europe!

We had fun climbing all the way 
up and running down!

A great way to spend the day
and break up the trip!

Headed south to Biarritz!

the weather was 
wet and windy
and cool!
But we were happy to visit!

We did a day trip
to San Sebastian Spain!
A quick trip from Biarritz!

We loved San Sebastian!

The next day we headed up the coast
to the island of 
Ile de Re!

I loved everything about 
Ile de Re'!

It was a fabulous trip and 
we were able to see a lot
more of France!

Two days after we returned 
to Paris..
I was on a 12 hour flight 
with the three kids to 
LA to house hunt!

We spent the next week of 
vacation out in Newport Beach!

Lots of sun
and house hunting!
A whirlwind few weeks!