Monday, April 21, 2014

Dubai Part 1

Our trip to Dubai was
I'll be honest..
I didn't think I was going to like it.
The newness of it..
The racy cars..
the shiny skyscrapers..
the desert.
I did.
I truly loved it.
It was so very different than anywhere
I've ever traveled.
And boy was it HOT!

We stayed at the Marriott on the marina..
this was our view from our balcony.
We arrived late Saturday night..

after a 6 1/2 hour flight on Emirates!

Our view at night.

Sunday morning we walked
along the marina.

Dubai is one of the 7 emirates in the 
U.A.E. ..
the United Arab Emirates.
About 85% of it's population
are expats. 
Mainly Indian, Pakistani, Filipino and 
We met so many interesting people.
And some of the friendliest!

The culture here revolves around
the Islamic religion and traditional 
Arab activities..
like shisha smoking.
This is a social activity..
similar to Westerners meeting
at a pub or cafe for a glass of wine or beer
as there is not alcohol served.
I loved the smell of the shisha!
It's nothing like cigar or cigarette smoke.
I tried it when we were on safari in 
the desert!
And five times a day,
Muslims are called to prayer.
We would hear the beautiful music
coming from the mosques.

This was a cool looking outdoor 
at night filled with people smoking

Sunday afternoon
we took the hotel shuttle 
to a Souk.
This was a touristy Souk..
filled with shops and places to eat.
(visiting the traditional Gold souk and the spice market
was one of the things we didn't get to do..
hopefully on another visit!)

We bought a shisha pipe
to bring home for decoration!

Sunday night Steve and I made
reservations at the SkyView Bar
at the Burg Al Arab!
(pictured above)

This was the coolest building
I've ever been in!

I took a picture of this from
the menu..
We did NOT order this
$4,000 drink.
Maybe next time

Monday we drove out to Atlantis
on the Palm Island.
We spent the day at the water park.
Hannah swam with the dolphins!
Not many pictures to share
as we were in the water all day!

Monday night we went out 
for Middle Eastern food...

Delicious hummus,
grape leaves, tabbouleh, 
chicken tagine...
So good!

I will share the rest of the week
Will and Griffin and I are off
to London for a few days
to see the Lion King!
Steve and Stephen flew to the States
yesterday to visit colleges
and Hannah is flying to 
Romania tomorrow with
her volunteer group!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bon Voyage!

life has been busy!
weekends are spent
running two boys all 
over the country for baseball..
 working through piles of paperwork,
making college decisions
and trying to keep track of a traveling husband.
i wish i brought my GIANT ikea map
with us to france.
instead of a monthly calendar to 
keep track of us..
i need a world map!

the  kids are off for spring
break the next two weeks!
and spring is here in paris!
although we won't be here much..
saturday we are flying to 
we'll be there for a week..
hoping to get in some camel rides,
beach/pool time
and visiting the worlds tallest building!

the day after we fly home,
steve and stephen fly to miami.
stephen was accepted to 
the university of miami
and received a pretty great scholarship
they are going to visit the school 
and then fly to boston to 
visit northeastern university..
another school stephen was accepted to.

(metro stop)

while they are back in the states,
hannah will be traveling to romania
with her volunteer group at school.
they've worked hard all year,
raising money for the trip.
it should be an amazing experience for her.

(taken from the train on my
way home)

and that leaves just will and griffin
and i.
we are headed to london on the train
for a few nights to see 
lion king on stage!!

view from my balcony...
montparnasse, l'ecole militaire
and les invalides..

should be an exciting 
few weeks!

Monday, March 24, 2014


(the lock bridge)

i had a birthday last week!
it was a gorgeous day here in the city.
stephen was home for the day
so he and griffy and i went to lunch.
then stephen babysat for a few hours
and i got out by myself for a bit.
i went to a few bookstores
and walked all along the seine
and then had tea at laduree.
it was a good day

booksellers along the seine and
notre dame

love this bookshop

lunch with my oldest
and youngest

laduree macaroons

friday night we went
out with some friends
for dinner and 
continued the celebration.
what a fun night!

saturday was a busy day..
stephen had a baseball game
and will had baseball and 
MUN all weekend.

i love market days

so does griff

strawberry season!

rainbow over paris 

looking forward to
what 46 brings!

c'est le printemps!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Musee du Luxembourg

steve was traveling all last week..
so yesterday i took some time for
 there is an exhibition at the 
Jardin du Luxembourg right now 
through June about Josephine Bonaparte!
i finished the trilogy a few weeks back
and i'm still so fascinated by her.

any day at a museum is a good day 
for me!

the portraits of course are 
but for me..
i am so interested in 
seeing her things!
her clothing and jewelry
and furniture
and her toiletry kit.
i'm  looking forward to 
taking a trip out to 
Chateau de Malmaison soon.

Josephine's trunk that she
traveled from Martinique to France with
to marry Alexander de Beauharnais.

of course i bought another book at 
the gift shop.
i started reading
Josephine yesterday.
after the museum i sat in 
a chair out in the Jardin in the sun
and read for a few hours.
steve and griffy came and met
me later and we sat outside at a cafe
and enjoyed the sun and the city.

we talked all about how
we don't ever want to leave here!

happy st. paddy's day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Friend Water

the weather here in paris
has been simply beautiful.
blue skies
warm temperatures
trees blooming.

the champs du mars
is our playground!
griffy and i bring a blanket
some toys, snacks
soccer ball 
and spend hours out there.

there are playgrounds
and kiosks selling 
ice cream and hot dogs
and cotton candy.

griffin has an imaginary 
his name is 
friend water.

a few months ago
griff was playing
while i was making lunch.
he opened the door and 
told me his friend was coming 
over to play.
i asked what his friends name
he thought for a minute and 

one night at dinner
stephen went to sit down
in his seat and griffin yelled...
"you're sitting on friend!"
our dinner discussion that night
was all about friend.
i asked griff what friends
last name was..
he thought for a while.
and after looking around the 
dinner table
he said,
(glad he didn't say wine)

friend water came skiing
with us but he was too afraid to ski.
friend water doesn't go to school 
because he's too afraid of school.
friend water likes ice cream and pizza
and kinder eggs.

i write this blog
to remember.
to document our
families adventures
and our every day

i'm not a good blogger.
 i don't respond to comments.
i just don't have the time!
i do appreciate that people leave
comments here and i love 
reading them.

my favorite coffee spot in the 
i think i need to get some
flowers out there.