Friday, February 24, 2017

Summer and birthdays

Finally posting last summer..
it's almost next summer!

We had another 
awesome summer on
the Vineyard!

My sister Jen and my niece..
we love spending time with them!

(back in Paris)
Griff turned 7!!!

(on the Vineyard)
Hannah turned 18!!

(also on the Vineyard)
Will turned 14!

Some cousins missing..
already looking forward
to another fun summer with


  1. These are wonderful pictures Pam. You have a beautiful family and before we know it summer will be here once again.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Helen x

  2. Hi Pam,

    I bet looking through last summer made you want to start packing for this summer!!! Here in CT we hit 75 today. 75... in February, so crazy! My mantle has snowflakes and winter decorations that have to come down!

    I always love your summer on the Vineyard pictures and hope to go there for a few weeks in the summer... one of these years for sure!

    Love that you're back to blogging! ~tara

  3. Haven't visited your blog in so long!!!! I do hope you get back to the vineyard this summer. I know you cherish your time there. Your kids are getting so big!

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