Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Spring time in Paris

About a week after returning
home from Morocco..
Stephen came home from college!

He had a great first year
at the University of Miami.

Spring time is
softball season for Hannah!
We traveled to London
for ISST's and it was 
so much fun!

The table we bought in
Morocco was delivered!
(love seeing two of my boys reading!)

Watched Serena play
at the French Open

Hannah and I 
doing a little shopping
at Galeries Lafayette

Half day Wednesdays
spent with our good friends
Oona and her mom Anna.
This day we visited 
the Rodin museum..

Since then..
Oona and her mom
and dad have moved
back to Brooklyn.
We miss them!

Spring also brings
the Paris air show..
A busy time for Steve.
We were invited to a 
cocktail reception up in 
the Eiffel Tower.
We met Senators and congressmen..
Here I am with Senator 
Jeff Sessions from 
the great state of 
(Stephen was born here!)

We celebrated Griffin's 6th
birthday with his friend Mingyo!

It was held at an indoor
water park here in Paris!

We invited his entire
Kindergarten class

The kids had a great time!

Walking up the hill to school for 
the last time..

graduation class!

Griff with 
Elizabeth, his french teacher
and Andrea his english teacher.
We will miss them!

Griffin turns 6!!

Happy birthday buddy!

We love you!

Friday, September 11, 2015

La Maison Arabe

What a welcome site!
After being on the road
and in the desert for four days..
with only a change of clothes..
we treated ourselves a bit.

was our home for the
next four days..
and it was just perfect!

We had a private courtyard 
off our room.

We had breakfast and dinner
by the pool every day.

Here is a little tour around
this charming riad.

I fell in love with the 
colors and textures of

There is a private country
club belonging to the riad
just 15 minutes away
by shuttle.

We went out there 
every day to swim,
relax and have lunch.

One afternoon,
Hannah and I took part
in the world famous 
cooking class!!

The class
(which is also held out 
in the country club)..
started out with a tour of the garden.

We then learned how to
make the traditional
Moroccan bread..

We talked about the 
art of preparing and serving
Moroccan mint tea.

And then we started cooking!
Cookies first..

And then to our stations 
to prepare a traditional
chicken tagine.

We had so much fun!

We barely left La Maison Arabe!
We were all so tired from 
our traveling..
and the riad was just too beautiful
to leave.
However, one evening we
walked through Jemaa El Fna..
the medina's central square.

The square is filled with 
amazing sights, sounds and smells!

Orange juice stalls,
snake charmers,
tooth pullers
and fortune tellers
make this square interesting!

The smells!!
The colors!

And at night it is even 
more exciting!

The impressive Koutoubia mosque.

Beautiful lanterns for sale..

and colorful slippers.

A few of these rugs just may have come 
home with us...

here are two..
the one under the dining room
table is my favorite!

A terribly grainy iphone
photo..but this was "our" table by
the pool that we requested each night
for dinner. 
And..as always..
dinner conversation when we travel is 
"do you kids know how lucky you are??"


Merci Morocco for
an unforgettable adventure!