Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Road Back..Morocco Part 5

Leaving the Sahara,
Simo picked us up and
it was back in the van for two
more days of driving.

This was our hotel 
on the way back to Marrakech.
We were all tired and 
grateful for a good meal
and sleep!

Simo made plenty of stops
on our last day in the car.

We visited a Berber village 
and even got to tour a house.

Our stop for lunch!

Simo says this man is
at least 105 years old! 

And after four LONG days 
in the van with Simo..
we said goodbye.

I am so glad we did this!
I was very apprehensive about
all of us in the car for that long..
but the kids did great and it was 
a wonderful experience! 

we treat ourselves for the 
last few days in Marrakech!
La Maison Arab!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures! It is fun to travel vicariously through your adventures!!