Friday, September 4, 2015

C'est la rentree'!

oh what a summer!
is it really over?
and wow do i have
some catching up to do here.
my last post we were still
traveling Morocco!

so much has happened since
and now that everyone
seems to be settled into school
i'm anxious to get back here
to document it all.

one of my goals this 
winter is to FINALLY
print out the 
THOUSANDS of pictures that
are clogging up my computer.
to FINALLY print out each year
of my blog to a hardbound book.
i did it one year and love how
it came out but it was 
very time consuming.

this being our last year
in paris
i will also be busy 
exploring this city
as much as i can.

(my sweet petite cottage..
miss you!!! :)

bonne rentree'!



  1. Where will you be moving next? What do the kids think? Excited for the adventure or sad to leave? I am sure they have really emersed themselves in the Paris life after all this time.

  2. What a wonderful experience Paris has been for you and your children, Pam. It has been a gateway to so many fabulous adventures! I know that you will make the best of this "sweet - to - somber - to - sweet" journey from Paris, back to the homeland and onto the front porch of your the petite illuminated New England cottage!