Thursday, May 14, 2015

Morocco Part 3...The Road to the Sahara

Saying goodbye to our new
we were on the road again.

Yannick, Malfoud and Collette..
hope to see you again someday!

It was another long day in
the car
but Simo made many 
along the way.

We passed through the 
Valley of the Roses..
and lucky for us we were there
during high season.
 We saw women 
and children picking roses
in the fields..
we stopped and bought a 
few of these wreaths made
by the children.
Little pink shops lined
the road selling bottles
of rose water.
I can still smell the roses!

Men and women 
carrying food to feed
the sheep.

Simo told us that children
walk for MILES to 
school and back.
We saw so many children..
younger than Griffin,
walking to/from school.

These boys were selling
little birds made out of
palm leaves.

Our last stop before reaching 
the desert.
Steve ran into a market
to grab some snacks
and these little boys were
just too cute.
Steve gave them a handful
of change..

...and they ran off so excited!

Almost there!

We said goodnight to Simo and
headed off into the Sahara with 
our guide.

our night in the Sahara!


  1. Your travels are amazing!

  2. That shot of the man on the horse looks straight out of The Black Stallion.

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