Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Morocco Part 1

Where do I start?
The breathtaking views..
the vibrant colors..
the many interesting people we met..
the "glamping"..
the souks..
or how about the 
food poisoning we got?

I know in time my memory
of Morocco won't be of that..
it will be of the great adventure
we were on for nine days.
for now..
we're still recovering.
And believe me,
my family will tell you
I took every precaution against
Every one traveled with 
their own hand sanitizers
and anti bacterial wipes.
I armed ourselves with 
We brushed our teeth with bottled water.
And yet..
it still happened.
And it can happen anywhere.
I don't blame you Morocco!
We will be back.

And so will I.
With more pictures 
and stories of our trip.
But for now..
my BRAT diet is 
(bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast)


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