Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making Me Happy...

kids back to school!
here's to a great year!

a few new books to read..
can't put down The Chaperone!
(thanks Em :)

these adorable milk glasses!
wish i could say i found them
at a flea market..
.99 euro.

a table filled with books
and magazines
and pretty french fabric.

looking down from our balcony
at hannah on the longboard 
in our alley.

being back in this gorgeous 
city that i'm so blessed
to call home!

Monday, August 26, 2013

A' la rentree'

oh it's so good to be back in paris!
as much as i LOVED being back 
home in the states..
with our family and friends 
and the beach and no cooking..
and on and on..
i am happy to be back home.

the streets are quiet..
many cafe's and stores are closed.

i think the french way of life
is wonderful.
steve talked today about 
some of his colleagues
returning from holiday.
not only do they take 
or 5
weeks off..
but then they come into work
and just want to talk about their vacation.
A' la rentree'  is a slow process...
i am learning that as i write.
my mind is still on vacation..
but physically i am back in the real world.

wednesday starts the new school year 
for the kids here at 
Stephen..graduated this past June and 
is doing a post-grad year here.
i can't tell you how happy i am 
that he is here with us 
for another year.
hannah is going into 10th grade
and will is entering 6th.
griffy and i will be solo.
griffy is not attending preschool.
he's not ready 
and i'm not either.

this was the view from my
balcony this evening.
gorgeous paris sky.

Friday, August 23, 2013


we are home.
in paris!
 and oh what a summer 
we had.
on our last day on the vineyard..
just hours before our ferry..
11 of us sat around a big
table at farm neck country club
(where the president just happened 
to be playing!)
having lunch
and bloody mary's
and talked about our favorite
moments of the summer.
it was so hard to pick one!
there were so many moments.
so many wonderful memories..
not only for the kids..but for me too.
i love being there.

i will look forward to our next summer
on the vineyard.

here are some highlights...

(the one up top is my niece ella 
taking her first jump 
off jaws bridge)

what a great night this was!
my whole family..
except for stephen
who was busy scooping ice cream..
and my niece cameron are the only
ones missing.


hannah getting 
ready to jump.

illumination night in the
campground kicks off 
fair week on the island...
it's so fun to walk through
and see all the cottages 
decked out in lanterns.

one night after dinner
we stopped at the beach
for a quick photo shoot...
the sun was setting and the 
sky was gorgeous.

the day after illumination
the fair begins...
we eat like crazy..
lobster rolls
corn dogs
strawberry shortcakes
and fried dough.

i buy a poster every year.
someday i'll hang them all.

the agricultural fair 
just celebrated 151 years!
we love to visit the animals...
these two baby alpaca's 
were born recently..
salvatore and hugo!

griffy and annie
checking out the goats

our last night.
what a way to go out!

waiting patiently
for the fireworks

saturday we packed it up 
and had our last lunch
and headed to the ferry.
let me just say..
many tears were shed.

we miss you guys..
we miss the island.
we are home now.
and it's always good
to come home.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

martha's vineyard campground

we decided to stay here on
the vineyard for a few more weeks.
steve flew to the island
last saturday and  we moved out of 
our little cottage and into
this one!
it's located in the campground
and it's the sweetest little cottage.

all 4 kids sleep in this room!
there is a double bed on 
the opposite wall where
hannah and griff sleep.

here are a few more
of the gingerbread cottages
in the campground

the tabernacle..
located in the middle of the
not only hosts religious services..
but family movie nights, art shows,
children's plays, flea markets,
sing alongs and so much more.

we are loving being here!