Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making Me Happy...

kids back to school!
here's to a great year!

a few new books to read..
can't put down The Chaperone!
(thanks Em :)

these adorable milk glasses!
wish i could say i found them
at a flea market..
.99 euro.

a table filled with books
and magazines
and pretty french fabric.

looking down from our balcony
at hannah on the longboard 
in our alley.

being back in this gorgeous 
city that i'm so blessed
to call home!


  1. All the things that make you happy are exactly what make me happy! We are kindred spirits! Enjoy!

  2. Will is just too, too cute!
    And Hannah is looking so good!
    She is really turning into a beautiful young lady.
    Enjoy your read time and glad you like The Chaperone!

  3. this all makes me happy too!! ikea is on my list when my kiddos are back in school! xoxo

  4. India has the same 'backpack'! Only in France right ;)
    Hope the kids have a great year.

  5. Love that pretty table. Now I feel like redoing my little coffee table. It's time for a few book move around changes. I'm always house inspired when I see your blog! Happy back to school! ~tara

  6. Hope the kids have a great year Pam!!

  7. Love to see Paris through your lens! Thanks again for sharing.

  8. Seriously the girls wear that short of skirt to school there?

  9. Welcome home! I am impressed that your kids move so seamlessly from here to there. You are obviously doing it right, Mom!

  10. Hi Pam-

    What are your thoughts on the cookbook, "The Last Supper?" I am thinking of buying the book and would welcome your opinion. Thanks so much.