Tuesday, July 23, 2013

it's a sweet summer

someone asked me recently
if i missed paris.
i don't.
maybe it's because
i know we're going back 
at the end of the summer.
maybe it's just that our life on 
this island is so different from
our city life.

our days 
and nights
are spent at the beach.

my brother..
uncle dave.

my sister..
auntie jen.
and cousins

nana with some
of the grandkids.

another awesome day
on the beach.

after lunch at 
the right fork..
hannah and my niece cameron
went for a thrill ride on the bi-plane.

they fly around the island..
mike the pilot points out
famous peoples' homes..
and does barrel rolls!

we love our summer 
so much here..
but it would be 
much sweeter with steve here.
we miss you so much!
can't wait for you to get here.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

birthdays on the beach

we celebrated my niece's birthday with a cookout on 
the beach at dusk.
best time to go to the beach..
in my opinion.

the kids all jump off the bridge.
i'm thinking maybe i should do it.

hannah in the middle
of her two cousins.
going to jump!

the town of edgartown 
on martha's vineyard
is charming and preppy
and the shops are 
as well.

we got takeout 
at the quarterdeck and 

ate down by the docks.

ocean park in oak bluffs.
so pretty at dusk.

we're off to the beach!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

around the island

steve is flying back to paris tonight.
we won't see him for 3 weeks.
we brought him to the ferry to wave 
we will miss you so much!

we visited stephen at the 
ice cream shop the other 
i can't tell you how much
i love that he's working!

earlier this week
the kids and the cousins
went kayaking.
will learned to kayak 
when he went to brittany 
this past spring with school.
he did awesome!

tuesday the kids and i 
took a drive up island.
alley's general store is 
always a stop for us.

from alley's we drove up
to menemsha..
a beautiful fishing village
that has the best sunsets
and lobster rolls.

and then on to 
aquinnah and the 
gay head cliffs.

someone asked me recently
if i missed paris...
i don't.
i will be ready to go 
back at the end of the summer..
i'm sure.
but for now..
i wouldn't want to be 
anywhere else.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

vineyard song

"won't you stay on the vineyard
for the summer..
won't you stay on the vineyard for the year.
we'll find a little house down there in oak bluffs..
and our children is all that we'll hear."

Monday, July 8, 2013

island life

life here is so very different
from our life in paris.
we stay up late.
sleep late.
i leave the house
with out any makeup on..
i haven't used a hair dryer once.
i wear yoga pants or a 
bathing suit and tunic
to the market
with flip flops.

i love paris
but martha's vineyard
is my favorite place to be.

here is our little cottage
that we've rented for the summer.
it's charming and 
i love how the screen door
slams shut.
we like to sit on the porch
and play cards and drink wine.
i keep thinking that if it was mine
how i'd plant hydrangeas all around it. 

the day we arrived my mom
put food in our fridge
and brought sunflowers.

in paris everyone has their own 
bedroom and pretty much their own 
here we all share rooms
and one bathroom.

i love our little island cottage!

 july 2nd we celebrated
hannah's 15th birthday!
my mom hosted a fabulous
dinner with the cousins.
it was such a fun night!

happy birthday sweet hannah!
we love you!