Tuesday, July 23, 2013

it's a sweet summer

someone asked me recently
if i missed paris.
i don't.
maybe it's because
i know we're going back 
at the end of the summer.
maybe it's just that our life on 
this island is so different from
our city life.

our days 
and nights
are spent at the beach.

my brother..
uncle dave.

my sister..
auntie jen.
and cousins

nana with some
of the grandkids.

another awesome day
on the beach.

after lunch at 
the right fork..
hannah and my niece cameron
went for a thrill ride on the bi-plane.

they fly around the island..
mike the pilot points out
famous peoples' homes..
and does barrel rolls!

we love our summer 
so much here..
but it would be 
much sweeter with steve here.
we miss you so much!
can't wait for you to get here.


  1. What a great, great summer!
    You are lucky to call this place "home".

  2. How beautiful. That pic of the family and sunset is gorgeous. So happy you're all having such a nice summer.

  3. wow! love hannah in the biplane!